Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We heard those magic words!

If you don't have Facebook, then you missed a very big announcement yesterday!
We get to see healthy people!!

YAY! Dr. K said we can see everyone in a couple months. I was very excited! Dr. K said Auggie looked great and he was happy to see he's doing so well. He said as long as he continues to be healthy, Auggie may not have to have his jaw lengthened until he's a teenager. He said even by then they may have combined the two surgeries he'd have now into one- the first one lengthens the jaw and the second one rotates it.

We'll still take some precautions when we visit especially when there's going to be a lot of people/kids around. So that means, for right now, we're going to see our families for Easter but if anyone who will be there is sick, we won't go. For right now, I am really looking forward to Easter and having everyone on Tim's side meet Auggie!

I would say my side would meet Auggie, too, but we actually went to La Porte Sunday evening. Aunt Karen & Uncle Mike were making their way from Pennsylvania to Santa Fe and stopped by my parents' house for a day. It was their first time to see my parents in Texas since they moved down here! It was really nice being able to hang out with my family with Auggie around!

Monday night we had Auggie try rice cereal. He didn't like it.... at all! We'll try tonight and see how it goes. He ate it well once we put it in a bottle, though. I'm sure it had to do with sitting in his high chair and eating it off of a spoon.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! You can click on any picture to see it larger.

Drake and Cole hugging on their Daddy

There's the birthday boy!

Grandpa with his Great Grandsons- Nathan & Drake

Cole playing with Drake & Nathan

Uncle Mike & Aunt Karen from Pennsylvania

Midday Bath!

Rice cereal wasn't for Auggie!


  1. WONDERFUL news Kelsey!!! So very happy for you guys... I know you are thrilled to be able to go out and show off that precious Auggie! We can't wait to meet him!

    Love the pictures! :)

  2. LOVE the pics and LOVE LOVE LOVE the news even more! I was excited that Rick would be off for Easter and now I am chomping at the bit b/c you guys will be there too! WOO HOO!!! :)


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