Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Play Date!

Wednesday was an early day for me and Auggie...  I was up at 6:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. We were headed out the door  by 9:30 so I had plenty of time to get everything together and get ready for our first day meeting people.

We went to a local Baptist church that holds a weekly music class called Mainly Music. We met up with part of the Mom & Tots group. There were about 5-7 of us from the group. Plus, Kristy's neighbor and a friend were there. Everyone was really nice and the kids looked like they all had a great time.

We had fun. Auggie slept through quite a bit of it but I think he really enjoyed watching all the kids run around while he was awake. I sang (err, hummed, I didn't know the words...) to the music close to his head so he could hear it. At least, I thought he could hear it from me. He kind of sat still when I hummed for him. We'll definitely be going back!

After Mainly Music, we went to Tanglewood Park. It was just down the road from the church. It had 2 playgrounds and a nice walkway that went around. There were a couple more moms at the park. We would have stayed longer but I forgot Auggie's hat and sunglasses! Grrr. That was the whole point in me buying them at Target the other day. Luckily, JoAnna (another one of the moms) offered her son's hat. He was sleeping in her sling at the time. He and Auggie are only 9 days apart! It'll be really nice to have another little one around Auggie's age to hang out with occasionally.

The only bad thing about Wednesday?? Auggie took 3 less than 20 minute naps and that was it. He fought sleep the whole day. He was mostly happy but there were times when the sleepiness showed. It didn't help I was tired, too. I feel like I should be used to going out everyday with him now that he's 4.5 months old. I mean, being tired from actually getting up and doing something and forgetting must-have items sounds like a mom with a newborn... not a 4.5 month old. I guess, I just need to keep getting out and I'll get better at staying awake and remembering things.

wearing camo for the first time.. Daddy dressed him :)
March 22

March 22

Sleeping through Mainly Music
March 23

Auggie's first swing!
March 23

It took so much effort to keep that giraffe in his mouth
March 23

Not sleeping!!
March 23
Tim and I both got out "me" time in this week. I went out to eat with Kristy Tuesday night. We ate a sushi place called Atami. It was alright. Haiku was definitely better but I can't complain since we were both able to hang out. I've really enjoyed her company the couple times we've hung out. Tim started rugby practice during the week now. They meet Sundays and Wednesdays now- The Brazos Valley Blues, that is. I know both of us getting out on our own has been great us. I think this weekend we'll be going to Huntsville State Park for a family outing and picnic. I'm excited to see some nature! I've been really missing the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest and Tucker Woods lately.

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  1. Great post and good news about the outings! Just so you know though, the forgetfuless isn't just because Auggie's no longer a newborn. Once you have kiddos, it seems as if you've temporarily misplaced part of your brain b/c you have to think of so many things at once and all the time. :) It'll get better though. Also, I gotta say Auggie's rocking the sunglasses and I love his less than amused expression in the swing. Ben was almost a year before he got into the whole swing thing so I'm sure Auggie will love it too. Glad to hear you guys are well! Looking forward to Easter and seeing you guys soon!


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