Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's The End of September!

I hope the month of September has treated you well! It was hot and dry here but overall it was a good month.

Auggie learned how to give high 5's, he started standing on his own a little bit and he officially has 8 teeth (5 on top and 3 on bottom). He is growing up so fast! I can't believe he'll be one in a couple months!

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I wanted to have a planned out blog today but on top of not feeling well, I ran out of time to plan it out. I do have some pictures from Jamie, Mom, Nathan, Drake and Zoe's visit on Wednesday! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rugby Alumni Weekend

The weekend went by way too fast! We got up to Nacogdoches around 2:30 Friday afternoon. We stayed with a couple rugby friends for the weekend. They're pretty much the last ones left! Next year we'll have to get a hotel room. Auggie got to experience some pool and ping pong at Flashbacks! I was a little hesitant about taking him since it is a bar and no one wants to be that person with the baby in a bar... but our group was the only group there for a while so we had to place to ourselves. I did see another mom with a little one there when we were leaving so I didn't feel too bad. 

Saturday was a rugby day! We spent most of the afternoon at the rugby pitch. I think Auggie enjoyed being outside! Auggie got to see another bar we hung out at while we went to SFA- Bullfrogs! He fell asleep in the truck on the way to the bar so we took him in his stroller. He slept for about 45 minutes. 

Poor guy! I'm sure his sleep schedule was all messed up over the weekend. Friday, he slept on the way to Nacogdoches and then fell asleep that night at 10:15. Saturday, he had 2 naps but nothing more than 1.5 hours. Sunday was a little better since we drove home but he's still getting used to it. And of course... on cue! Auggie just woke up from his nap so I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Kevin & Colin with Tim & Auggie

This is the ONLY picture I got of the boys in their matching shirts :(

Jamie, Colin, Auggie and Ashley

Coaching from the sidelines

Kansas and Auggie

Crash and Colin

Pizza popping into the picture

Past and Present SFA rugby players

"You have a baby... in a bar"
Auggie loved being able to touch the TV at Kansas' and Pizza's apartment 

Harlow (Kansas' dog) wasn't too sure about Auggie

Ed and Auggie at Bullfrogs

Auggie was happy to be home!

Still chewing! 2 teeth popped through last Thursday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We'll Get There...

All the TV shows are coming back on (well, except Bones)... School has started for all the kids... All the college students are back into a routine... and it's still too dang hot outside!!

I walked out Tuesday afternoon and it looked like it should have been 20-30 degrees cooler out... but no, it was at least 95. I couldn't tell you the exact temperature but it was way too hot for September 20! I'm so ready for coats and scarves... and an excuse to buy clothes (and shoes!) for Auggie! :)

Auggie has started a few different things this past week. We've been working on waving bye-bye, high fives and finding his nose. He kind of waves bye.. not necessarily to the person leaving but he rotates his hand a bit. Basically, since Wednesday morning, he's been doing HIGH FIVES! Yay! It's so cute. But then the nose thing hasn't worked out... Tim has mostly been working on it but we know he'll get there.... just like everything else.

Tuesday night, I gave Auggie a little bit of ice cream. Of course, it was like every other bit of food we've given him- he didn't like it. I got him to open his mouth to it a couple times but it ended with him screaming. He'll get there, too.

Auggie and food is the most frustrating thing lately. He doesn't really like the 'nilla wafers too much any more. He'll suck on them for a little bit but he ends up just tossing them on the floor. Baby food is still a fight. We'll get a bit here and there but that's with lots of head turning. And then regular food is the same way. Auggie will basically beg us to see our plate and play in our food but won't put anything in his mouth. You should see him try to climb in our laps when we're in the living room with some food (Bad habit, we know- eating in the living room, that is).

But I know he'll get there... he has to, right? We met with the dietician Tuesday morning and Auggie had gained a whole pound since she saw him 42 days before. One pound! I'm just glad he gained and didn't lose anything. He weighed 17.11 pounds and was 27.75 inches long. It's looking like we'll gradually start him on Pediasure when he turns 11 months in October. Apparently, he needs to get 50% of his calories from food and the other half from formula in order to start on cow's milk. Pediasure has 30 calories per ounce (compared to the 20ish in soy formula). I'm hoping the Pediasure works well with him.

But anyway... We had a play date at our friend's house this morning (hence the late post). I am so glad we all have kids around the same ages!
Ruby looking at Bella in the backyard

Archer playing with a book

Archer and Auggie

Auggie and Ruby

Auggie and Ruby

Auggie waving hi!

Archer, Avery and Joanna

Paxton and Archer

Archer playing with chalk

Auggie and Archer playing with the kitty

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My little stinker took a 30 minute nap this afternoon! I thought I would have been able to sit here for a bit and write out a blog but it looks like it'll just be photos and a video.

Tim is out of town today until early early Wednesday morning. There was a siting of a female black bear near where Tim did his field work for his thesis. He went out with a few people this morning to set up some hair snares to see if they could ID her. It sounds like they're all pretty excited. Later, he has a public meeting where he'll be on a panel of experts... Tim an expert? HA! I'm glad he's doing well with work and everything, though.

and I guess I'll leave you with photos....

Chocolate syrup with a hint of pears for dinner

Standing up on PawPaw's legs

He fell out of PawPaw's legs and busted his lip

Watching birds

Fell and hit his head on the doorframe after the birds flew away


Look at that belly!