Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch up

You know, I never did tell you that little something I knew that you didn't know! It got overshadowed by what Dr. K told us March 21... But... Nathan will have a little sister! That's right, Jamie & Zach are going to have the first girl on our side of the family! I am totally jealous! She's going to be one spoiled rotten little girl! I've already got so many things lined up to buy for her. I'll just use the excuse that it's for my photography props!

Friday, I met up with Jamie, Nathan and my mom. I wanted to go to a consignment sale organized by Just Between Friends and they were driving up to Krum so we met on the West side of Houston. This sale was a bit more expensive than the one in Denton last Fall. There also wasn't much as far as boy clothes. I was disappointed about that. In Denton, I was able to buy 40 pieces of clothing (sleepers, onesies and pants) for under $100. I didn't get anywhere near that much this time but Jamie realized she had all of Nathan's clothes she didn't need. YAY for new (to us) clothes!

Saturday, Tim, Auggie & I went to Huntsville State Park. It was gorgeous day! We took the stroller along so we didn't have to pack Auggie on our hikes. Yea... big mistake there. We should have just brought the carrier Jessica let us borrow. Of course, we thought of the carrier after we got to the park! We'll definitely use it the next time we do something like that.

Mom stopped by on her way home from Jamie's on Monday. She stayed until Wednesday afternoon. It was so nice to have her around- and not just because she took care of the nighttime feedings!

Auggie's speech therapy appointment went great today. Mandy was happy with how vocal he was. I was just glad he was awake and his usual self around her! We had a rough night last night... well, Tim & I did.. Auggie just liked to scream. Mandy said he's pretty much hitting all his milestones that he should be hitting- cooing, good head control, rolling over, reaching for toys, following people with his eyes, etc.  He's starting to get in that really fun age!

We're supposed to be going to a wedding this weekend. I'm really hoping we're still going. It'll be nice to see Emma & Brian get married and we'll also see Emily, Rachel & Shea all prettied up as bridesmaids!

Trying to watch TV

All the clothes Jamie gave us

Playing with the snail

Taking a nap after a lonnnng night!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Huntsville State Park Weekend

Tim & Auggie during Auggie's lunch
March 26

Heading up the trail
March 26

Sitting down for beanies and weenies for lunch
March 26

Auggie with some bluebonnets
March 25

Nathan & Drake
March 21

Auggie trying to eat a bluebonnet
March 25

Nathan peeking in at Auggie
March 25

Auggie after chruch
March 27

Looking up at the fan
March 28

Finding his toes
March 28

Eating on a blanket
March 28

Chewing on his fingers
March 28

Auggie didn't want to be put down! So we tried out the carrier
March 28

There will be a little more text on Thursday! My mom is here so pictures will do for now :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Play Date!

Wednesday was an early day for me and Auggie...  I was up at 6:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. We were headed out the door  by 9:30 so I had plenty of time to get everything together and get ready for our first day meeting people.

We went to a local Baptist church that holds a weekly music class called Mainly Music. We met up with part of the Mom & Tots group. There were about 5-7 of us from the group. Plus, Kristy's neighbor and a friend were there. Everyone was really nice and the kids looked like they all had a great time.

We had fun. Auggie slept through quite a bit of it but I think he really enjoyed watching all the kids run around while he was awake. I sang (err, hummed, I didn't know the words...) to the music close to his head so he could hear it. At least, I thought he could hear it from me. He kind of sat still when I hummed for him. We'll definitely be going back!

After Mainly Music, we went to Tanglewood Park. It was just down the road from the church. It had 2 playgrounds and a nice walkway that went around. There were a couple more moms at the park. We would have stayed longer but I forgot Auggie's hat and sunglasses! Grrr. That was the whole point in me buying them at Target the other day. Luckily, JoAnna (another one of the moms) offered her son's hat. He was sleeping in her sling at the time. He and Auggie are only 9 days apart! It'll be really nice to have another little one around Auggie's age to hang out with occasionally.

The only bad thing about Wednesday?? Auggie took 3 less than 20 minute naps and that was it. He fought sleep the whole day. He was mostly happy but there were times when the sleepiness showed. It didn't help I was tired, too. I feel like I should be used to going out everyday with him now that he's 4.5 months old. I mean, being tired from actually getting up and doing something and forgetting must-have items sounds like a mom with a newborn... not a 4.5 month old. I guess, I just need to keep getting out and I'll get better at staying awake and remembering things.

wearing camo for the first time.. Daddy dressed him :)
March 22

March 22

Sleeping through Mainly Music
March 23

Auggie's first swing!
March 23

It took so much effort to keep that giraffe in his mouth
March 23

Not sleeping!!
March 23
Tim and I both got out "me" time in this week. I went out to eat with Kristy Tuesday night. We ate a sushi place called Atami. It was alright. Haiku was definitely better but I can't complain since we were both able to hang out. I've really enjoyed her company the couple times we've hung out. Tim started rugby practice during the week now. They meet Sundays and Wednesdays now- The Brazos Valley Blues, that is. I know both of us getting out on our own has been great us. I think this weekend we'll be going to Huntsville State Park for a family outing and picnic. I'm excited to see some nature! I've been really missing the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest and Tucker Woods lately.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We heard those magic words!

If you don't have Facebook, then you missed a very big announcement yesterday!
We get to see healthy people!!

YAY! Dr. K said we can see everyone in a couple months. I was very excited! Dr. K said Auggie looked great and he was happy to see he's doing so well. He said as long as he continues to be healthy, Auggie may not have to have his jaw lengthened until he's a teenager. He said even by then they may have combined the two surgeries he'd have now into one- the first one lengthens the jaw and the second one rotates it.

We'll still take some precautions when we visit especially when there's going to be a lot of people/kids around. So that means, for right now, we're going to see our families for Easter but if anyone who will be there is sick, we won't go. For right now, I am really looking forward to Easter and having everyone on Tim's side meet Auggie!

I would say my side would meet Auggie, too, but we actually went to La Porte Sunday evening. Aunt Karen & Uncle Mike were making their way from Pennsylvania to Santa Fe and stopped by my parents' house for a day. It was their first time to see my parents in Texas since they moved down here! It was really nice being able to hang out with my family with Auggie around!

Monday night we had Auggie try rice cereal. He didn't like it.... at all! We'll try tonight and see how it goes. He ate it well once we put it in a bottle, though. I'm sure it had to do with sitting in his high chair and eating it off of a spoon.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! You can click on any picture to see it larger.

Drake and Cole hugging on their Daddy

There's the birthday boy!

Grandpa with his Great Grandsons- Nathan & Drake

Cole playing with Drake & Nathan

Uncle Mike & Aunt Karen from Pennsylvania

Midday Bath!

Rice cereal wasn't for Auggie!

Friday, March 18, 2011

52 Fridays- Cards, Cards, Cards and a Letter

I wish there was another service to send regular letters conveniently other than the United States Postal Service! I have had a few people not get their cards for their birthdays, invitations to baby showers and even had a recipient pay for her own birthday card!! Of course, these weren't paying customers.. This is all from my personal experience.

Sorry- I'm just really mad at USPS right now. The most recent card was mailed in a standard envelope and was within their mailable specifications.

I wanted to wait until my sister got her card but since it has been over 2 weeks, I'm thinking she's not going to get it. So, Lindsay, here is your card. Sorry you couldn't see it in person. I really liked this one, too!

For Lindsay:
My Mind's Eye Glitter Card stock with coordinating patterned paper, yellow gems and metal name plate 
 The rest of the cards (and a letter) are some of my most recent Creations I've made. I have 2 more but I will wait to post those when they reach their final recipients! Enjoy:
For Mommo:
My Mind's Eye Glitter Card stock with coordinating patterned paper, ribbon and metal name plate

Purple Argyle patterned paper, coordinating purple card stock, black and silver glitter brads and embossed "Happy Birthday" stamp

Patterned card stock with gold and brown coordinating card stock, white ribbon and embossed "Happy Birthday" stamp

For Drake & Nathan:
Hand torn lightweight card stock in light blue, light green, dark green,  yellow, orange and brown with 3-D Dinosaur themed stickers

Thank You:
Cupcake patterned paper with coordinating polka dot paper and squiggly line paper, star ribbon and 3-D cupcake sticker

Paisley patterned card stock with pink and brown card stock, "It's a Girl" ribbon,  and "a" Thicker 

Blue card stock with animal and striped patterned paper and Thickers

"Mod Podged" 4" wooden "A" to adorn Auggie's Easter Basket
Thanks for checking out my weekly Creations! If you're on Facebook, you can check out Honeybee Creations where I show off all my Creations. Want to make an order? See my Etsy shop for details or leave me a comment below! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I know something you don't know!

... and I can't tell you! :) lol. I sound like a little kid but really, I can't tell. At least not yet!

Auggie met his Great Grandma and Grandpa on Wednesday! He was so good for them! They are on their way back to Ohio after a long vacation in Florida. They got to spend about 6 weeks in their condo on the beach. It was nice to hear they had great weather this time- last year, they had to wear winter coats the whole time. That's saying something from Ohioans! This year they missed all the snow in Ohio, though. Apparently, they had snow on the ground for 45 days had it all melt and then it snowed again! How do people go out?? I love snow but I couldn't handle all that!

They came to College Station with my mom around lunch time. The five of us ended up going to Cotton Patch for lunch. It was Auggie's first restaurant outing! Coincidentally, mine and Tim's first date was at a Cotton Patch! He was great while we ate. He didn't even fuss when Grandpa knocked over his water. I'm sure the waiter just loved us. Everyone was a good sport about it but man, I've never seen my Grandpa move so fast! If you went to our wedding and danced, I'm sure you know Grandpa. He battled Jacob and Marshall to a mini dance-off. So I definitely knew he could move but didn't think he was that fast! He only got a few little dribbles of water on his shirt and pants.

Grandpa v. Marshall July 11, 2009
Auggie didn't seem like his usual self yesterday. He slept a bit more while everyone was here but he was still his happy self. He rolled over for everyone. Gramma missed it at first (I am my mother's daughter- I usually miss the first time, too) but she ended up seeing him do it again. and again. Gramma got him kinda cooing/laughing right before they left. I know they enjoyed being here just as much as we enjoyed having them here. I am so glad they were able to come over since we'll be missing another nephew's birthday this weekend.

Drake will be turning 2 on Saturday! I can't believe. And again, we'll be the only ones not there. I think I have a particularly harder time dealing with not going to my family's events because we aren't all able to get together with everyone often. At least, in the past few years someone has always been missing- Mom & Dad in Qatar; Mom here but Dad in Qatar; Mom & Dad in Qatar, Kristopher here.... It

Don't think I don't love being around the Siegmund side because I do. Since that first Christmas at Mommo's when I was so nervous about meeting everyone... and yea, I mean everyone- They have always made me felt like I've been apart of their family. Like I had known them forever!

Like I told Jamie, though... I'd definitely trade some things to be able to this weekend. But like Tim told me last night... Don't focus on it. So here's me not focusing on it. Onto some pictures from Wednesday!

Grandpa making silly noises and faces

Grandma feeding Auggie

Auggie jumping on Gramma's lap

Me, Auggie, Great Grandma & Gramma

Auggie has his 4 month check up with Dr. T tomorrow. Can you believe it?? He's 4 months old already! Next week we're headed back to Austin to see Dr. K. I'm hoping we get the okay to start going out... but I'm sure he'll just say like he has in the past, "You can take him out but you're always taking the chance of him getting sick."

So until Tuesday....