Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pictures to get you through the weekend!

Just had to share this series of photos with you! Auggie was so happy!

Playing peek-a-boo with me at the park

watching Daddy play rugby 

He rolled over and I thought he was still asleep... NOPE!

He wanted some of my food!

Tim got an iPhone!!

Checking out the puppies

He wanted to go outside so bad!

staring outside


He found some paper... in the form of a Huggies coupon.. sorry!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Auggie should get a Gold Star this Week

Not in sleeping, though.. but crawling and pulling up on everything! Monday morning he crawled across the living room to Tim without his belly touching the ground! Then after Tim left for work, Auggie pulled up on the coffee table completely unassisted! He is getting so good at the things he's been working on.

Our night times got significantly better before we went to Georgia. I'm sure Auggie didn't like sleeping in the pack-n-play but now that we're home he's sleeping better. Saturday night was a flashback from Auggie's younger days- he woke up about every 45 minutes to an hour crying. It was no fun. I'm sure Jessica and Ben didn't appreciate it either. I know if we stay home more often at night it'll get better. Thank goodness Giddings is only an hour away! Hopefully in the next week or so Auggie will get back to going to sleep around 9:30 pm and then waking up at 6 to eat and then going back to sleep until 10 am. That'd be nice! I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. 

Meal time is a lot more productive. He eats his puffs after he eats some fruit. He's still not good at eating veggies yet. He gets more frustrated with them than the fruits, so I'll stick to fruits for a little bit more. I just need to get on a better schedule. How do you get on a schedule when you're not a routine type person?! It's frustrating but really annoying that I can't keep to a schedule. Any tips?

Auggie's working on his first tooth still. We think he's been teething for a few months now but you can see the little tooth trying to come up. There's a little white head on the bottom right. He has some days where he constantly has something in his mouth (hands, feet, paci, blanket or something!) and drools all over. Other days it doesn't even seem to bother him. 

We spent the weekend in Giddings with Tim's family. Darren, Tim's cousin/Giddings neighbor and our new neighbor in College Station, had his high school graduation party. It was a great night. I think Auggie enjoyed being outside with all his cousins and being passed around. I'm sure the next family gathering will be a busy busy busy one since he's already crawling.

I'll update again on Thursday with some more pictures... 

Bath time with Splinter at MawMaw and PawPaw's

Looking at the trees

Hanging out with PawPaw

Ben letting Aussie lick him

Big yawn

Ben imitating Aussie


Katie and Aussie

Auggie's first ride on the Gator

Fun ride!

Checking out the yellow button!

Playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Jessica

Giggling with Aunt Jessica

Auggie was fascinated with Ben

Crawling at MawMaw and PawPaw's

OOOOhhhh... Camera!

Pulling up on Mommy

Playing with the telephone

Can you hear me now??

OH! The camera again!

Check me out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Family Vacation

We did it! We accomplished the task of traveling 1900 miles with a 7 month old!

I had been looking forward to this trip since Amna first asked me to do her invitations last Fall. It wasn't until a few weeks before we left did I realize we were going to have to keep a 7 month old entertained the whole time. I mean, I knew he wasn't going to sleep the whole time but I could keep my fingers crossed!

Auggie was wonderful! We only had to stop for him once and it had already been a long time in the car. I"m sure anyone would get cranky after a few hours strapped in a car seat.

We left June 15 shortly after noon and made it to Atlanta, Georgia Thursday evening. We took our time driving and stopped when we needed to. We had plans to stop somewhere along the way between Vicksburg and Atlanta but there was nothing for us to do! It all had to be outside and we all agreed we didn't want to be outside on our breaks. It was too hot!

Jane and Sherwin went to the Georgia Aquarium Friday afternoon. Tim didn't have enough time to go out and then be back to be ready for the rehearsal so we stayed in. It was good thing we stayed because it took them 30 minutes to get through the line to get tickets!

The rehearsal was just for the bridal party so Auggie and I stayed at the hotel while Tim went to the ceremony site with Amna and Dave. The rehearsal dinner was at the hotel so we didn't have to go far!
At the rehearsal dinner

We knew it was going to be a long Saturday night since the shuttle from the reception for the wedding didn't leave until 1:15 am. Auggie didn't sleep very well during the trip so we took it easy. Auggie woke up a few times during the nights on the trip so hopefully being back at home means he'll be in a better routine (if you can even call what we do a routine lol).  Here are a few pictures from Saturday:

Amna and Auggie before the ceremony

Tim and Auggie before the ceremony

Tim and me at the wedding site

Dave (Backstreet) and Amna during an Arabic dance at their reception

The gorgeous couple towards the end of the reception

The wedding was great and went by way too quickly! We wish we could have spent more time with everyone but hopefully, most of us will be meeting in Dallas soon!

We left Atlanta around 11 Sunday morning and went south to Destin, FL. Jane, Sherwin and Tim had never been to another state's beach. It was such a pretty beach. I wish we could have spent more time there!
Auggie was all about eating the sand.. until he tasted it!

Sherwin in the water

Jane and Sherwin

We spent an hour and a half at the beach and the next morning headed on home.

We were able to take I-10 all the way to Houston. Along the way, we stopped in New Orleans to see Tim's cousin, Mallory, and he husband Jarrod. They just had a little girl almost 2 weeks ago. Her name is Maddie. She was born with a cleft palate so she's in the NICU under observation to make sure she's gaining enough weight. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. The NICU stops seeing visitors at 6 pm and we got into town at 6. We ran into some traffic caused by a wildfire outside of NOLA or else we would have made it. I was really disappointed we couldn't visit her but I was glad to see Mallory and Jarrod. We visited for a little less than 2 hours and then headed on home. 

We made it to College Station around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. It is so nice to be back home. Auggie went straight for his toys in the living room when we put him down.

Here are some more pictures from throughout the trip

Sitting patiently in the car

Auggie's "new face"
after lunch at Cracker Barrel one day

A new fascination with spoons developed over the week
at a hotel in Lafayette, LA

Looking all comfy with Daddy at a hotel

Attempting to get water from a sippy cup

Sleepy boy

Cuddling with the fishy MawMaw and PawPaw bought him at the Georgia Aquarium
Hope everyone's summer is going well!
Until Tuesday!!