Thursday, March 17, 2011

I know something you don't know!

... and I can't tell you! :) lol. I sound like a little kid but really, I can't tell. At least not yet!

Auggie met his Great Grandma and Grandpa on Wednesday! He was so good for them! They are on their way back to Ohio after a long vacation in Florida. They got to spend about 6 weeks in their condo on the beach. It was nice to hear they had great weather this time- last year, they had to wear winter coats the whole time. That's saying something from Ohioans! This year they missed all the snow in Ohio, though. Apparently, they had snow on the ground for 45 days had it all melt and then it snowed again! How do people go out?? I love snow but I couldn't handle all that!

They came to College Station with my mom around lunch time. The five of us ended up going to Cotton Patch for lunch. It was Auggie's first restaurant outing! Coincidentally, mine and Tim's first date was at a Cotton Patch! He was great while we ate. He didn't even fuss when Grandpa knocked over his water. I'm sure the waiter just loved us. Everyone was a good sport about it but man, I've never seen my Grandpa move so fast! If you went to our wedding and danced, I'm sure you know Grandpa. He battled Jacob and Marshall to a mini dance-off. So I definitely knew he could move but didn't think he was that fast! He only got a few little dribbles of water on his shirt and pants.

Grandpa v. Marshall July 11, 2009
Auggie didn't seem like his usual self yesterday. He slept a bit more while everyone was here but he was still his happy self. He rolled over for everyone. Gramma missed it at first (I am my mother's daughter- I usually miss the first time, too) but she ended up seeing him do it again. and again. Gramma got him kinda cooing/laughing right before they left. I know they enjoyed being here just as much as we enjoyed having them here. I am so glad they were able to come over since we'll be missing another nephew's birthday this weekend.

Drake will be turning 2 on Saturday! I can't believe. And again, we'll be the only ones not there. I think I have a particularly harder time dealing with not going to my family's events because we aren't all able to get together with everyone often. At least, in the past few years someone has always been missing- Mom & Dad in Qatar; Mom here but Dad in Qatar; Mom & Dad in Qatar, Kristopher here.... It

Don't think I don't love being around the Siegmund side because I do. Since that first Christmas at Mommo's when I was so nervous about meeting everyone... and yea, I mean everyone- They have always made me felt like I've been apart of their family. Like I had known them forever!

Like I told Jamie, though... I'd definitely trade some things to be able to this weekend. But like Tim told me last night... Don't focus on it. So here's me not focusing on it. Onto some pictures from Wednesday!

Grandpa making silly noises and faces

Grandma feeding Auggie

Auggie jumping on Gramma's lap

Me, Auggie, Great Grandma & Gramma

Auggie has his 4 month check up with Dr. T tomorrow. Can you believe it?? He's 4 months old already! Next week we're headed back to Austin to see Dr. K. I'm hoping we get the okay to start going out... but I'm sure he'll just say like he has in the past, "You can take him out but you're always taking the chance of him getting sick."

So until Tuesday....

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  1. Jessica, Stephanie and MelanieMarch 17, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Steph, Mel and I got together and saw the blog today. The kiddos oohed and ahhed over pics of Auggie. I understand about not getting to see your own family. After Ben was born, we didn't get to go to a few things but I can't imagine how it must be for you. We all feel for you and hope for good news from the doctor soon. Here's to hopefully being out and about soon! Great pics by the way! We love you!!


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