Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Back on Schedule

Well, we're trying to at least! Auggie's speech and auditory therapy sessions started back up on Monday. Speech went well! Ms. Darlene was impressed by how much better she's understanding Auggie. She hasn't seen him since the week before Christmas so she was very surprised to understand him better. He showed off his version of "There he is!" verbally and she liked what she heard. YAY! She was happy with how he's attempting to say three word phrases. We just really need to focus on getting him to enunciate!

Auggie's auditory session wasn't too great. We've all been dealing with a cold so we've all been tired, stuffy and not feeling too great in general. Auggie was having a difficult morning so he wasn't too happy when Ms. Melinda walked in the house. He ended up pulling the Play Doh out of her bag while we were talking so that helped his mood. He had fun with it but I am so happy we don't own Play Doh yet! It's only been in the house twice and I've found little bits of it around! He likes using the rolling pin to flatten out the Play Doh but he doesn't like using cookie cutters on it. I love seeing him concentrate on it. Aside from his attitude, he signed a little bit and played with both of us.

We found out at Melinda's last appointment (before the holiday) that Auggie may not qualify for the Head Start Program in College Station. WHAT?!?! I couldn't believe it! I'm very glad that he's up to speed and where he needs to be but WHAT?? How can a child with a profound hearing loss not qualify for a program to help children with disabilities? Melinda said he probably would qualify under speech. If he doesn't, they may be able to find a loophole. Well, I hope there's a loophole. We've been planning on him going to Head Start since we heard about it. I know being around other little kids will really help him out and he'll enjoy it! I just wish we didn't have to wait until May to figure out if he'll qualify or not. Our case worker didn't seem too interested in answering my questions at our last meeting so I figured I'd just wait and bombard her when I see her again (whenever that is!).

Auggie has been showing his Terrible 2 side lately and I'm hoping once we get on a better schedule, he'll be better. I'll even take just a little bit better. Tim has been out of town a lot and I'm sure that wears on all 3 of us. Auggie will ask for Daddy all day long but once Daddy's home, Auggie will play with him for 10 minutes and then want to be all over me again. I have a feeling there's a Father-Son weekend coming up once Tim gets back from his 2 week work trip. We spent the weekend at my parents' house and we had a few melt downs (me included). It'll get better. But anyway.. enough with the tantrum talk!

Auggie and I went to the park after his speech appointment on Monday. He enjoyed being outside even if it wasn't for long. Its been cool here and on top of our colds, I didn't want to get any sicker. He really surprised when he counted to 20 (!!) all by himself! He was walking around the playground's border and counting his steps. He took more than 20 steps but he didn't skip a number! There was a mom there that heard him and she laughed and said "he sure doesn't sound like a 26 month old!" Go Auggie!

Auggie has also started interacting with the shows he watches on TV. His newest obsession is Shaun the Sheep. It's a cute claymation-type cartoon about sheep, a farm dog and their owner. Shaun sometimes dances at the end of the episodes and the following video is a little bit of Auggie dancing. Under the video is a better version of the dance Auggie copies.

Mr. Excited!
He ate 2 blue Dum Dums in a row. He was very happy about that and then he
saw his tongue! 

Auggie sat down next to PawPaw. When he saw me pull out my camera, he
pulled PawPaw's arm closer around him. SO SWEET!

Auggie still didn't like Santa!


I found Auggie laying down like this
towards the end of the  party