Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We finally went to the Aggieland Habitat for Humanity Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. By this time last year and 2011, we had been to the patch 2-3 times already!

This year, Auggie is dressing up as Robin. I don't think he cares too much of what he's dressing up as but he wears the costume with no problem! He doesn't like the mask but I'm going to attempt to paint one on this afternoon.. You'll see in pictures next week if that works!

His best friend, Zane, is dressing up as Batman so they'll be quite a pair. I'm looking forward to getting pictures of them together. Tim & I and Jen & Dan (Zane's parents) are dressing up as villains- Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, The Joker & the Penguin.

It's been pretty wet this week so hopefully the rain will stay away long enough to "trick-or-treat" a couple of houses. Jen & Dan are hosting a small Halloween party before we go out. Auggie's friends are getting into the fun stage of being able to play together without too much interference from us adults.

I'll share with you Auggie's photos from the Pumpkin Patch.. I hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!!

Love this picture of Auggie

"RRiiiight THERE"

Trying to show Daddy the electrical box
Auggie liked jumping on each individual plank of wood

He surprised me with a big jump at the end of the pallet

Trying to get Daddy to help

checking out the cars

Gotta roll that pumpkin!

He's not quite Superman but he really wanted to move that pumpkin

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Little Ring Bearer Who Didn't Go Down the Aisle

Two weekends ago, my best friend from high school got married! Shannon & Cole were married in his parents' backyard on a gorgeous Saturday evening. I don't think the day could've gone any better.. well, the "cold" front could have come in a little earlier but it was a great day.

Auggie was the ring bearer and as the title of this post states, he didn't quite make it down the aisle. Tim had to hold his hand and even then, Auggie didn't want to. I'm just glad he didn't scream.

Campbell, Shannon's flower girl, was perfect and adorable... Just what I imagine Auggie would've done if he was a girl. But it's alright.. I think everyone got a good laugh over it. I know I did. 

Just thought I'd share some photos for those of you who aren't on Facebook. 

Campbell heading down the aisle 

Here comes Auggie & Tim!
Kisha, Karyn, Cynthia, Shannon, Sydelle & Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Shannon & Cole's yummy cake

Some cupcakes, too!

Tim & Auggie before the ceremony

Auggie, Me and Shannon before she became a MRS.!

My favorite photo from the whole day! Thanks Katrine!
Katrine, Me & Sydelle

Congratulations, Shannon & Cole!!
At the reception

Auggie looks like a little man here!

Mom tried so hard to get a picture

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day out with Thomas!

Auggie holding hands with Mommy & Gramma before the Thomas train ride

I know the picture above isn't perfect... but I feel it captures perfectly how Auggie felt on Saturday! He was SO happy. We left College Station around 8 (that's early for us...) and almost the whole way down Auggie wanted to see train tracks. He had no idea what we were going to see once we got to Burnet. I knew he'd be excited as soon as he saw the train tracks. 

It was a very long but very fun day for us! Melanie, Corey and their kids met me, my mom and Auggie in Burnet for the "Day Out with Thomas" event at the Austin Steam Train Association station. Melanie and Corey bought us tickets for Auggie's birthday. Can you believe it, he'll be 3 next month!!

in front of Thomas after our train ride
Auggie loves his conductor hat
Day Out with Thomas was a neat event. It's one of the fundraising events for the Austin Steam Train Association. Apparently they're trying to restore an old steam train that used to run in the area. There were quite a few activities for the kids to do- a rock climbing tower, an inflatable tunnel obstacle course, portable putt putt golf, train tables, a stamp and coloring booth, live music, magic show and a real Thomas the Train Engine! Plus they had a nice gift shop full of "Day out with Thomas" memorabilia and regular Thomas the Train toys. 

Our train ride wasn't schedule until 12:40 p.m. so we had plenty of time to check out all the fun stuff. Auggie and Micah played putt putt for a little bit while Libby played on the inflatable obstacle course and Cohen climbed the rock wall (11 times!!). Auggie was much more interested in putt putt this time around. (we played in Michigan- I'll post about that trip soon- but he had no interest in it)

Once Auggie found the train tables, it was hard to get him away from them! There were so many kids playing and not enough trains to go around so I tried to get Auggie to take turns... it didn't happen much. 

It was hard to get Auggie away from the train tables
Motorized Thomas & Friends kept Auggie's attention while we waited for our turn to ride the big Thomas

He was excited about the Rheneas set
Auggie showing Gramma his Thomas stamp on his hand
Thomas left the Depot a couple times while we were playing and every time he came back, Auggie got so excited. He jumped up and down and pointed. He even gave his own little "toot toot" when Thomas tooted his horn. 

Auggie was very excited about Thomas coming down the track

He was full of facial expressions!
So happy to see Thomas
Thomas pulling his passenger cars
Watching Thomas go by
 We had to wait in line for awhile to give Thomas a "break." Thomas posed for pictures in between his rides. Auggie was a typical 2.5 year old and didn't want to wait in line.. Luckily, my phone kept him busy for a little bit.
Waiting in line for Thomas
The train ride itself was fun. It lasted about 25 minutes. We went backwards and then forward along the same track in Burnet. Auggie loved looking outside and attempted to count the trees. He was really excited every time we went on a bridge or over a culvert. He kept calling them "Shake Shake Bridges." That's a Thomas & Friends show reference if you haven't seen it.

The train conductor punching our tickets 
Auggie got to hand the train conductor our tickets
Checking out his certificate

fun pictures on the train

Gramma, Mommy & Auggie

Mommy & Auggie on the train

After the train ride, we managed to avoid the train tables (thank goodness) and went to take pictures with Thomas. We had to wait in line for that, too, but it went quick enough Auggie didn't have any problems. He could see Thomas the whole time so he was very excited.

In line to take pictures with Thomas 

Goofy Little Bear!
After pictures with Thomas, we jumped in line with Melanie, Corey and the kids to take a picture with Sir Topham Hatt. He's the controller of the North Western Railway. I was really surprised Auggie wasn't nervous about seeing him.

Micah, Coehn & Libby eating snow cones before pictures
Well, that was our Day Out with Thomas. We had a great time and can't thank Melanie & Corey enough. I'll be getting back to the blog more this fall since we've (sort of) slowed down. There's a lot to catch up on so keep coming back. I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.