Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As I've probably said before, I usually write my posts Monday and Wednesday nights when things have settled down. Or there are those occasional early morning posts when I wake up and go "Crap! I forgot to write a new post!" and so I sit at the computer at 3 or 4 am and write out a post while I pump. Gotta multitask!
It is Monday night and I feel completely drained. Auggie did not have a good day. He woke up a happy baby and then something changed... I have no idea what it was but it all started after Auggie's headband slipped over his eyes while he was laying on his gym mat. He was not a happy baby.
He fought his naps- 2 less than 15 minute ones.
He fought his bottle for a little bit.
and most of all he fought me.
He didn't want to be set down.
He didn't want to sit in his Bumbo.
He didn't want to stand in his exersaucer.
And surprisingly, he didn't want to watch TV!
He looked like this most of the day
Crabby Baby!!
So then he took his less than 15 minute nap....

I hoped it was going to last just because I knew he was tired. I set him down- big mistake there! He was only semi-content when I was holding him. Around 4:30, he ate and we both fell asleep. I had to hold him close to me in order for him to stay asleep. Sometimes even that didn't work. He woke up 5 or 6 times between 4:30 and 7 when I finally got up. Here's to hoping Tuesday's a better day!

Over the weekend we were able to get a few things from Jessica & Stephanie. Stephanie was able to find headbands in a neutral color for Auggie. His speech therapist recommended getting him used to having things on his head since he'll be wearing a headband for his hearing aid. The ones Stephanie picked out are perfect! Hopefully once he gets his hearing aid I can make him a few coordinating headbands. Jessica let us borrow her Bumbo she had from Ben. Auggie likes it.. a little bit. He'd rather stand up! I'm sure he'll really like his exersaucer once he can really touch the bottom. Right now he has to stand on a pillow.

Licking the toy on his exersaucer

Sitting up in his Bumbo from Aunt Jessica and sporting his headband from Aunt Stephanie
Eating his blanket
Checking out the monkeys on his feet
Still looking at the monkeys
He scratched his nose pretty bad on Sunday
The reason why Auggie won't be wearing his hearing aid to bed

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