Monday, February 16, 2015

We're Back!... With Some News...

So I figured I might as well get back into updating Auggie's blog. He's FOUR! I still can't believe how big and smart he is. He's ever so observant and constantly talks. As long as he's not eating (which is still a struggle) or drinking, he's asking questions, commenting about something around him or asking us to play with him.

Drake and Auggie December 2014

"I cut it Mommy"
 Auggie's been enjoying school and day care. We don't hear much about specific kids in his class but he's getting better at telling us what happened throughout the day. For instance, for a while he and his friend were not best friends any more. He was pretty upset about it but then one day, they were best friends again. I wish I could be a fly on the wall while he plays with his friends.

He's still tired on some days when he comes home. I'd be tired, too! He's always moving around and I'm sure since he's with a bunch of his kids his age, he moves even faster. Some days he'll tell me fell asleep on the bus. Thursday he was happy to tell me he didn't fall asleep.
Bowling with Daddy at a birthday party

Happy about bowling
 So onto the news I said I had to get you to click over. (Click Bait, anyone??)

In December, Tim and I finally went to see the geneticist. Well, it was more like the genetic counselor (G.C.). She asked if we needed counseling about Treacher-Collins Syndrome... meaning, she was wondering if we needed to know more information about TCS. HAH! I think we're good. We're well connected through our Facebook groups and we have an excellent support system. I think Tim and I are over Auggie having TCS... and that's been a long time since we've gotten over it! We went through our medical histories again and updated the G.C. on the new additions to the families. Then we had our blood drawn. Well, it took the nurse a few sticks for Tim but we were on our way home after that.

On January 2, I was surprised with a phone call from the G.C.

Our results were in.

It had only taken a couple weeks versus the 4-6 weeks we were told. Tim and I were both negative.... BOTH NEGATIVE!

Meaning Auggie's case of TCS was a random mutation. A RANDOM event.

Of course, I called Tim and told him the news. He was on his way out of town so we talked long enough for me to say "We're negative! We'll talk when you get home. Have fun!"

And cue all the worries, insecurities, "why me's?," how does this happen, what next's, more kids or just leave it with one.... and on and on. at least that was what was going on inside my head. I thought I'd have felt different after hearing the negative results... like felt happy or relieved but I didn't. and I mean, I still don't but I feel better than I did after those first few weeks of thinking about the test results. I keep telling myself under 5% (the odds of having another random mutation of any sort) is better than a 50/50 chance (the odds of passing on TCS if you're a carrier) but it's not really helping.

So yea, that's our big news. I know some people already know- thanks to those that I've vented to... I still have mixed feelings over it hence the reason why I'm waiting almost 2 months after we got the results. I don't want to go into too much detail since this is a public site and all.. but if you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact me. I'm up for discussing things even if I do talk myself into circles every time I talk about this subject.

I'll leave you with some happy pictures of our super happy Little Bear. And, remember, if you want to see any pictures larger, just click them.

Hanging out at rugby practice

Playing with his new toy from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Super excited about the race car at Mommy's work

Fell down at Chick-Fil-A (and sporting a new haircut)

Running with Daddy after his rugby game

Showing off his Number 4
Wanted to write it in the pebbles

"Look Mommy! I drew a broken heart!"