Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last October 2011 Post

I can't believe it.. Auggie's last "first holiday" will be here on Monday. Maybe for Thanksgiving and Christmas we can celebrate Auggie's "First Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Family"? Haha... I know, it has to stop somewhere.

I feel like the past few weeks have flown by. Even with Tim laid out on the couch, it seemed like the days themselves were passing slowly but now that Halloween is here, it seems like the weeks have flown by. Like I've been saying in the past few posts, I've been busy making things for Auggie's first birthday. I've only had a few people say they can't make it (so this is a reminder, if you can't make it, please get in touch with me!). Even though I am a little disappointed, I understand why they can't come- They'll miss out on a great party, though! ;)

I also finished up Auggie's Halloween costume. I made the ears and shoe covers but bought the sleeper at a resale shop. I hope it'll be a little bit cooler Monday night because I felt bad putting him in on Wednesday. It was like 85 degrees! Happy Fall, huh?? He didn't fuss about it, though. Well, he might have, just a bit, but he wanted to pay attention to the crows and grackles nearby.

We were at the pumpkin patch for about 45 minutes and I swear I heard "she" about 20 times! It doesn't really bother me to the point where I get upset (not anymore, at least) but it is so annoying to hear it. Sometimes it is an honest mistake but really, Auggie was a brown bear! I wouldn't dress my nearly one year old daughter in something so brown. If I did, I'd at least make sure she was wearing a bow or some pink or purple. Don't get me wrong, I'll correct people when they say it but today none of it was directed towards me. I feel a little (I don't even know the word)... ashamed? selfish? No clue.. but I feel kind of bad keeping my ears open for those little comments. I guess I'll stop doing it at some point but for now my ears are always listening for something.

But here are some pictures from our second trip to the pumpkin patch:

Since there were quite a few photos, I'll skip out on the everyday type photos. I do have a video to share with you. Auggie started to sign "dog" more frequently. He'll look out the sliding glass door or he'll look in that direction and sign it. It's pretty close to the sign for "milk" but since he looks outside, we can tell the difference. The sign for "dog" is like a finger-snapping motion or a pat on the leg. The sign for "milk" is like squeezing motion when someone milks a cow. Here's the video:

Hope everyone enjoys their last weekend in October!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tick Tick Tick

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Yes, that's what I keep hearing in my head. The time is ticking away so quickly. I can't believe Auggie's birthday is almost here!! I've been trying to get so much done so I don't have to rush to get it done the week before. Right now I'm just waiting on a few things from the printer.

Tim is doing great. He's been walking without his crutches since late last week. He sees the doctor on Wednesday so he'll know when he starts physical therapy. He can bend his knee to just under 90 degrees. He's also trying to get more muscle control in his thigh. I can tell he's trying really hard to move it but his leg hardly moved. I can't imagine. I'm just glad he's able to get around better and Auggie is paying attention to him! 

I was really surprised Auggie wouldn't even listen to him when Tim would call his name from the couch. I think once Tim was able to get on the ground to play, Auggie started paying attention to him a little bit more. Auggie's attitude has been SO much better. We have no idea what was up. I'm just glad the screaming has subsided. I don't know how single moms do it. 

Auggie's had a few more firsts this past week. 

  • Auggie slid down the slide for the first time at Edelweiss Park
  • He snuck a toy into his diaper for the first time on Monday
  • He can sign "dog" and recognizes the word when we say it. He looks towards the sliding glass door
Auggie, Ruby and Zane! All within a month (more like weeks) of each other

Auggie climbed into and out of the basket all by himself

His shirt says it all
Here comes Trouble!

Sitting and quietly playing with puzzle pieces

Climbing up the stairs at the park

Mommy and Auggie

You see that correctly, he's sitting on top of the table

I found this in his diaper Monday morning... no idea where it came from

We almost thought the screaming was back on Monday

He started to the left of the coffee table and took turns with
Tim shaking his head "no." Auggie ended up on the other side
of Tim near his face shaking his head

Very happy boy on his car

Playing quietly with the colorful balls

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you see me....

...and my hair is pulled out in patches, please don't say anything.

As of Wednesday night, we're going on Day 5 of what we hate to call "Scream Fest 2011." No, I'm not pulling out my hair because I've been scared at Six Flags... I'm pulling out my hair because Wednesday was day 5 of Auggie screaming for at least 2 hours during the day. Well, Saturday wasn't too bad, but it was just the beginning.

I took Auggie to his pediatrician at 2 Wednesday afternoon. Of course, he was so happy and such a smiley baby the whole time we were there. She checked his throat, eczema, stomach and lungs. All checked out great... well, except for his eczema. It is always there in some form. She recommended Miralax to get his tummy on a regular schedule again (I don't need to spell that one out, right?) and then Benadryl to see if his eczema was itchy. The Miralax worked (but if you talked to Tim, it was the applesauce... he thinks it was).

I figured since he was in a good mood, I'd take him to Wal Mart. I was disappointed I couldn't find the Benadryl- and I was a little wary of buying something along the same lines because everything was for kids at least 2 years old or older. Just as I was heading to the toy aisle to check out Christmas presents, he started getting cranky again. And that got him started up all over again.  I'll be taking him out this morning or afternoon to see if I can make it to CVS.

I wanted to pull out my hair so bad last night. People keep telling us to put him in his crib, close the door and walk away. If we did that every time he was unconsolable, he would've spent the past 5 days (minus like 6 or so hours) in his bed.

I feel horrible neither of us can do anything about it. Tim keeps suggesting to call friends to watch him for an hour or so just so I can get out but I don't want to put anyone else in the position of trying to calm him down. Auggie will calm down for a bit and then if something goes wrong (if he plops down too hard or loses his grip on a toy, etc), he gets so upset over it.

But on a lighter note, we did make it out to the park Wednesday morning with a few other moms and their little ones. We got to enjoy the cool weather! Yes, I said cool weather! I know it isn't as cool as Ohio or anything but 70 for a high and 42 for a low sounds like awesome weather to me! Auggie went down the slide for the first time. He wasn't too sure about it- his shoes kind of got caught on the slide so it wasn't too smooth.

Well, I'll leave you with some pictures from the past few days....

Enjoying his pinwheels while the cold front came through town 

Standing up to show Daddy

Look at our big boy! He stood up all by himself!

Enjoying Wednesday morning at the park

Miss Ruby attempting to take off her bow

Auggie at the bottom of the slide

He wanted to go up the slide

Auggie looking up at Zane

Mis Paxton trying out the ladder

Auggie wasn't too sure about the poles

Trying to pull himself up into my lap

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18, 2011

Tim had his surgery on Thursday. It went well. He was in by 7 am and out around 10:15 am. He was a little "woozy" for a few hours after the surgery but according to the nurses it was just the anesthesia  wearing off. He hadn't eaten since 8 Wednesday night so we both figured if he ate, he'd feel better. Since it was an outpatient surgery, he wasn't supposed to stay too long after but he didn't want to go home feeling miserable. The nurses kept saying he felt bad because of the pain killers and it seemed like they were trying to push him out. Even though he still felt terrible, he was discharged and we went home around 2:30. He was able to eat a chocolate and Nacogdoches blueberry scone (Thanks, 'Stine!!! He really enjoyed them) and he felt so much better after eating 3 of them. Tim hasn't been sleeping well since he came home but he's comfortable now. Friday, he had a lot of pain in his knee that wasn't being helped with the pain medication. His ice pack had shifted onto one of his staples and was causing the pain. Sunday he was able to removed his Ace bandage and got to see the damage. And today, he's starting to hobble around a little bit without his crutches. He goes back in a week and a half for a follow up appointment and then he'll start physical therapy.

We had 2 great friends, Joanna and Ramona, watch Auggie on Thursday while I got Tim situated at home. Joanna and Ramona along with Jen P and Jen A made some food for us. It has all been so good! Thank you, ladies! We really appreciate it. I don't think our fridge has been that full in a while.

Joanna said Auggie was perfect on Thursday. I'm so glad he was good for them... Now, I just wish that good mood had extended throughout the weekend! I think he knows something different is going on but he has been very needy and will hardly let me do something without him right at my ankles. Sunday, after all our company left (thank goodness), he screamed until bedtime. Monday he was in just about the same mood. I feel bad because we don't know what he needs or what is bothering him but man, can he scream? Most of the time I wanted to scream right there with him. He spent most of Monday morning in his crib because he wouldn't stop crying when I held him or played with him. When he was in his crib, though, he played by himself and calmed down. I know most babies enjoyed their alone time but sometimes I feel like it is too much but he is so much happier alone.

Auggie began to do a few new things over the past week or so:

  • "Ma Ma Ma Ma" started last week
  • Smacking his lips together
  • The sign "milk" more consistently
  • Waving "bye bye" 
  • The sign "all done" a few times
  • The sign "more" once or twice
  • Using his fist to nod "yes" (the muscles in the neck that control nodding yes are harder to control than the ones used to make the "no" head shaking)

As I sit here and try to figure out what to type, I'm thinking of so many other things I should be doing (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc) so I'll leave you with pictures. I'm sure there are things I wanted to type but I've forgotten about them. I haven't had the time or the attention span to edit any more pumpkin patch pictures so these are just from my phone. Sorry if this is another jumbled post... I am so ready for another nap.

Playing with his new blocks

Looking like such a big boy 

I had to change his sheets on night so he
had to sleep on the floor for a few minutes

Watching the rain

Pretty kitty I cat-sat for a bit last week

Chewing on a sunflower

Somebody likes to play with clean diapers

He tries to put so much down the hole of this toy

Tim hanging out Thursday afternoon

Auggie checking out what Daddy's doing

Looking like a big boy in his Vegas shirt and Vans

He plays with the buttons on his musical stuffed toys now

He smacks his lips together now

The straw was one of few things that made him happy Monday

Walking out of his pants

Finally got to sit in Daddy's lap Monday

Chilling out with Daddy