Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello, Thursday! You snuck up on me!

I can't believe it is already the last Thursday in May! The months have flown by!

Auggie started pulling up on Tuesday. He pulled up onto the laundry basket and then promptly fell. He's a trooper, though, when he hits the ground. He usually cries just when he's tired. But of course, this "pulling up" stage is accompanied by the "I wanna be up all the time" stage. You know how he sat there and had his arms out? He looked like he wanted to fly? Well, now his arms are out because he wants to start to pick him up and then he wants to use your hands to pull himself up!

I was worried about him crawling soon... Now I have to worry about him trying to pull up on everything!

I only have the video for you today. Sorry. I haven't taken very many pictures the past couple of days. I have it in my mind, we will leave for Atlanta in June with a clean house. So we can come back home and just relax and not have to put up laundry or do the dishes (I wouldn't leave dishes that long anyway)... but yea... I want a clean house... Why is it so hard to keep a clean house? Oh, yea, that's right because we have too much stuff!

I will tell you what I was going to post last week though...

Auggie and I met Sydelle for lunch while we were in La Porte 2 weekends ago. While we were there, a lady came up and interrupted our conversation. She apologized for interrupting us but just had to ask me a question about my "daughter." Auggie was wearing his hearing aid at the time and I've had plenty of people reference him as a girl so it wasn't a big deal. I just threw in a few "he's" and "him's" and she realized. (lol) She asked if he had a chromosomal disorder because his face shape look just like her sister's. I just explained to her that he had Treacher-Collins Syndrome. She went on to say she always hated it when people would stare or even just obviously notice her sister's disorder (she had Trisomy 13) and not ever say anything about it. She always wanted people to just ask.

It was so nice of her to share that with me. She went out of her way to ask a question and she was very polite about it. She was on her way out of Chipotle but wanted to stop anyway-she had waited while we were in line ordering, while she ordered and then towards the end of our lunch.

I guess, those educated questions help a lot.. even those people who don't ask and just compliment Auggie's gorgeous blue eyes, his cute open mouthed smile and even his dimples (which he shouldn't have). The people who play with him and coo at him just like he's anyone else. Or even those little kids who ask their parent a question about his hearing aid but are nice enough to ask me...

They help me :)

So if you've asked questions, thank you.. and if you haven't but want to, we're listening!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo Contest and New Developments

Click the HERE to be taken to the Parents Cover Contest website

Auggie is in a photo contest through Parents Magazine. If he wins this week, we'll win $250, plus have a chance to be one of the 10 finalists chosen to travel to New York City for the Parents Cover Contest photo shoot. 

As of Tuesday morning, he was #610. We've got a ways to go but I know through family and friends we can do it! You can vote once a day all this week. There's no registration required... all you have to do is click the link above, click "Vote for me" under Auggie's photo and then enter the CAPTCHA phrase. It's that easy!

And now I'll stop bugging you about the contest!

Auggie has been pretty fussy today. I thought I saw a little bump on his gums yesterday but he won't keep his mouth open long enough for me to really check it out. It could be a tooth but it might not be!

He is so ready to just go... go.... GO... GOOOOOOO! I'm sure he'll be walking before he even thinks about crawling! HAhah... We'll be in big trouble then! This morning he was sitting while Tim was laying on his side. Auggie leaned towards Tim, held his shirt and pulled himself UP! He's been wanting to stand all day today! 

I think the days of me putting Auggie on his mat and doing the dishes or something are long over. He also likes to roll over and over and over. He has even started to get up on his knees a little bit more. We'll see how this week goes with all that! Hopefully it'll tire him out some more!

Eating has been going so much better! It was just like tummy time- one day it all the sudden clicked! We tried out sweet potatoes Monday. It was a new flavor so I'm sure that's why it didn't go so well. We'll try again when he wakes up! Tim & I just need to make sure we remember to put a bib on him... That orange probably doesn't come out of clothes too well! 

Sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed before his speech appointment
May 23

Sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed before his speech appointment
May 23

Watching the duckies at Brother's Pond Park
May 23

Taking a nap after church
May 22

Checking out the other baby
May 21

Playing with Uncle Dustin
May 21

Smiling for Mommy
May 21

Smiling for Mommy
May 21

Smiling for Mommy
May 21

Smiling for Mommy
May 21

Watching those ducks
May 22
Trying a biscuit after lunch
May 20
Falling asleep in the bouncer
May 20
Playing with toys
May 20

He still enjoys playing with the birdies
May 19

An out of focus but still pretty Lemon Mint in the front yard
One of the Black Eyed Susans in the front flower bed

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are there ever TWO stay-at-home parents?

I love the days when Tim is able to come home early. I enjoy the time the three of us get to spend together. The weekends just don't seem to cut it.

Is it because we're usually going somewhere or have something planned? Probably.

Of course, with Tim staying home I never get anything done! Hence the tardiness in this post!

The past couple of days have gone well. Auggie took a big step during meal time Wednesday night- We got through the whole bowl of pears without a single tear or any screaming. He even opened his mouth a little bit for the spoon! I hope (oh so much!!) that was the beginning of him eating well.

Zoomed in on the action
May 18
Doing a lot better with the spoon
May 18
Playing with the rings from Sydelle
May 18
Sitting up SO well!
May 18
And here are more of Auggie's 6 month photos... I'll be ordering 4x6's this afternoon so I'll hopefully have them to mail out to everyone next week! YAY! 

I'll have more to say later... I figured I'll just post this for now. I have a little experience to share with you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Week Flew By...

Sorry about not posting at all last week. I was disappointed I didn't spend the time to update everyone.

We mostly spent the week trying to get the house somewhat organized for Tim's cousin, Kayla, to stay with us for about a month. She started a new job on Thursday but doesn't move into her own place until the middle of June. And what is family for if you can't take advantage of their oh so comfy futon?? We're more than happy to have her here! It gives me someone to talk to so I can practice my big girl voice! Hahaha!

Auggie was also sick last week. Convenient, huh? I stopped pumping 2 weeks before (almost 4 weeks now) and just as he's getting comfortable with formula, he has to start running a fever and gets a stuffy nose. Tim & I both had sore throats over the weekend so I'm sure Auggie had a sore throat as well. We're still dealing with a stuffy nose and that is one thing Auggie hates the most- someone wiping his nose!

Auggie had his 6 month check up last Tuesday (May 10). It went well. Auggie had his 6 month shots. He cried for a few minutes after those but he was a trooper. Dr. T checked out his rash that he's had for awhile now. She recommended Lotrimin. (on a side note, could they not package it in a more discreet box? It said "Jock Itch" in big ol' letters and had an image of that area on the box! I'm pretty sure there are other uses for it!!) The Lotrimin (or Lomotrin, like I was calling it) didn't help. Auggie screamed all night and he seemed like he was in pain. It was terrible and not conducive to sleeping... at all. They called in a prescription for us on Thursday and I'm not convinced it is helping. I guess it takes time though. It hasn't even been a week of application so I'll give it the 2 weeks they recommend waiting.

Auggie & I went to La Porte over the weekend and hung out with my mom while she watched Drake & Cole. Lindsay & Dustin moved into their new duplex which is like 3 minutes from my parents' house! I am so happy for them! The boys have their own rooms and they now have a little backyard! Maybe they'll get a puppy! Jusssst kidding!

Mom & I spent some time on Sunday trying to get Auggie's 6 month pictures. It didn't happen like I wanted. In a perfect world, I would have had pictures of him looking straight at the camera on the beach at Sylvan Beach. There would have been a few clouds in the sky, just to make it a little less bright. And Auggie would have been happy and smiling and giggling away! But no... in our world, full of ups and downs... Auggie looked straight at the ground, was upset most of the time and didn't smile.. not even once! Oh well! Like I've said during his 1, 2 and 3 month pictures- there's always next month! I haven't had time to edit all his pictures but once I am done with these super awesome lollipop invites, I'll edit the rest of them and have them posted on Thursday.

Auggie found the camera

Look into my eyes!

Jussst a little smile after lots and lots of kisses!

I look a little scary

Trying to end on a good note

This was the last photo I took during his session.. .he was not a happy camper
This was Cole's jumper (almost 10 years old)... It looked brand new!

Drake, Cole, Grandpa, Gramma and Auggie
May 15

Checking out some books

With Gramma at the beach
May 15

Drake and Auggie in their strollers for a morning walk to the park
May 16

Walking to the park
May 16

He fell asleep on the swing
May 16

Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Fridays- Catching up!

So my post-every-Friday attitude has kind of hit the back burner... Lately I've been just trying to keep up with posting every Tuesday and Thursday. I don't know why that's so hard. Even my personal paper journal has been looking empty since Auggie was born. 


I am keeping up with my goal for the year... One crafty project a week. Even if it is just a card or something cute for around the house... I still get to use my creativity and that is what my goal is all about!

So today, I have a bunch of cards to show off. I wasn't able to post them before because I wanted to make sure they had reached their destination before I went and showed them off!

Enough of my rambling and onto the cards!

Anniversary Card

1st Anniversary Card which matched the wedding card I made them (below)
4/17/10 I only have their envelope :(
Photo credit: "Images by Rebekah"

Thank you card

"See You Soon, Grandma"

Family card

To the Newlyweds!
Thank You card

Birthday Card

Wedding Card