Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Fun Sunday!

Tim & I went to Giddings on Sunday for our awesome baby shower at Jane & Sherwin's house. It was hosted by Jane & Sherwin, Jessica & Rick, Stephanie & Ronald, Melanie & Corey and Megan & Chad. There were probably about 50 people- mostly family with a few friends here and there. It looked like the little kids had a lot of fun playing on the swing set, slide and see-saw.

I have a few pictures- they were all taken after everyone left.

Diaper Cake made by Kalen
Funfetti and Chocolate cupcakes made by Megan. The elephants and a's were handmade in royal icing
"Ice Cream" cupcakes made by Megan
Mine and Tim's flowers from the shower with Tim's flashy button.

If I get pictures from other people, I'll be sure to post them :)

Later Days!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The days seem to fly right on by

Tim & I both had great weekends even though we were apart.

Tim went down to Port O'Connor to fish with Kent & Craig in Espiritu Santo Bay. It rained most of the weekend so they had small windows to fish in.

Craig & Tim fishing in the bay. Photo by Kent
Tim holding a needlenose fish. Photo by Kent
Kent holding one of the fish he caught. Photo by Tim
I went to La Porte to see family and entertain myself while they had a garage sale. Saturday was a lonnnng day- everyone was up at 4:30 am and people started coming to the house around 6 or 6:30 am to peruse through the stuff for sale. The sale wasn't supposed to start til 8!! I woke up around 7:30. I'm sure everyone was exhausted Saturday! We didn't do much other than hang out but it was still nice to not have anything planned. No running around to meet people or worrying about leaving people out.

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Auggie continues to sound great! We'll go back October 5th and then we'll start going once a week until Auggie is born. I can't believe we're already at that point! We still have SO much to do/buy. This weekend and next weekend are our showers so we'll see how they go. We're still waiting on the replacement part for the crib- hopefully nothing else is wrong with it or else we'll be cutting it really close!
Isn't he adorable?? I can't wait to see our little Auggie!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sneak Peak Just For You!

Nothing much has been going on the past two weeks- the reason for no updates last week.

September 3, Tim & I drove down to Giddings to celebrate Grandma Kalbas's 78th birthday at Joseph & Kalen's new house. It was a nice party.

Kalen lighting the sparkler candles (78) on the cake she made for Grandma Kalbas. She even went all out and had home made icing! YUM!

September 4, SFA played Texas A&M at Kyle Field. We went out to see Dustin & Lauren who were tailgating. It looked like SFA had a decent turn out of fans- too bad they lost.

Later in the week, Auggie's crib came in! I was super excited.. too bad there was a piece messed up so now it's sitting in the room disassembled. :( I was finally able to get ahold of the company and they're sending us a new piece. It better work this time!

I had a doctor's appointment a week ago today. Everything went well. Auggie is still head down. Hopefully he'll stay that way! :) My blood pressure was okay and I actually stayed about the same weight-wise. Everything seems to be going well... no swelling or anything, so we're happy! I go back next Tuesday for another check up.
Only 9 weeks left!!

This past weekend, we went out to Thorndale to celebrate Cohen's 4th and Libby's 3rd birthdays. The kids had a blast playing with their new toys.

(Top) Libby driving Cohen around in her new Barbie Jeep. (Bottom Left) Cohen taking his first bite of his birthday cake. (Bottom Right) Libby blowing out her candles and being helped by Daddy- Corey.

I have been crafting A lot, though. Since September 3, I have finished 2 birthday presents, 6 cards and 5 layouts. All but 2 cards have been delivered and they're going out tomorrow. They're for a friend who has 2 wedding to go to in October- We definitely know how she feels! :) I was extremely excited she asked me to make them. For those of you who keep up with my Facebook posts, you've seen the next few pictures.

Letters for Cohen's room in the new house- Dinosaurs and Checkers. As soon as he unwrapped them, he laid them out on the floor and was like "C-O-H-E-N!!"

Letters for Libby's room in their new house- Butterflies and Stripes.

The 5 layouts I have finished are for Auggie's baby book. I'm hoping to have the majority of it finished for the shower in Giddings- that means I have 12 days and only like 30 more pages! lol.

Andd now for your sneak peak!

1. Sign-In page for the Giddings Shower. Each vertical rectangle opens up with more lines for people to sign on. Page 1 of 2
2. Sign- In page for the La Porte Shower. The invitation lifts open to reveal the lines the guests will sign. The tags are for journaling. Page 1 of 2
3. The front page of August's book. The white rectangle will have a picture. Page 1
4. 2nd Trimester page with ultrasound pictures. The u/s picture is folded like an accordion to reveal more ultrasounds. Page 1 of 2

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of Auggie's baby book- they won't be going on Facebook.

Tim is off to work- he'll be out doing a spotlight tonight and tomorrow and 2 times next week! He's definitely getting his hours in!

I'll post soon