Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off to the Hundred Acre Wood

We spent the beginning of a beautiful weekend with Molly and Ray. We weren't too sure how the weather was going to hold up but it ended up being a gorgeous day! I got a nap in while it rained and Auggie kept pushing through his tiredness. He eventually fell asleep in the middle of a peek-a-boo session with Molly. Tim always enjoys being outside and away from any city-like location.

While Auggie napped, Tim and I walked around the property with the dogs. I wanted to get some pretty pictures and Tim wanted pictures of some little toads in one section of the property.
You can click on the photo below and have a slideshow of all the photos. You'll get the full photo since they will be larger than they appear on the blog.

White Phlox in a group of purple phlox

Grasshopper on the edge of Red Blanket Flower

Prickly Pear bloom

Old Plainsmen


Blanket Flower Moths with bees

Blanket Flower Moths


Carpenter Bee and other insect

Arkansas Lazy Daisy

Burn Nettle


Yucca in bloom

Molly and Ray's dam blew... It's still pretty!

Auggie taking a nap

Tim and Auggie

Checking out the bluebird box

Kisses fromMolly


Auggie had fun leaning against the screen

Hi Mommy!

Aussie wasn't too sure what I was up to

He kept signing "water" and pointing to the pond

I am very pleased with how a couple of those pictures turned out. I especially like the one with the grasshopper and the one of the butterfly in the very top photo. Maybe I’ll have something to add to the Milam County Nature Festival next year.

Tim watched Auggie Saturday while I helped my friend, Heather, photograph a wedding in Waller. I am so glad I was able to do that. It was fun and so nice seeing Heather. I miss hanging out with her! Auggie got to hang out with Zane and Jen Saturday evening while Tim and Dan watched a rugby game in The Woodlands. I received a text message from Jen that evening with a picture of Auggie eating at her dinner table. I was so confused! I had no idea Tim had dropped him off. Auggie enjoyed being there. He and Zane are really good about playing with each other (or leaning on each other like they have in the past;). It is so nice to have a few friends around with kiddos Auggie’s age.
Auggie and Zane trying to open the gate to see horses
photo by Jen
Auggie is feeling much better this week. His attitude has completely changed towards diaper changes- thank goodness! He’s continuing to babble quite a bit. I love when he says “butterfly.” He moves his hands around like they’re fluttering and then he says “butterfly” and attempts to find one in the area. We have one in our living room so he can usually find that one.

Tim introduced Auggie into fig newtons last week. YUM! Instead of paying almost $3 for the Nabisco brand, we found some off brand ones that are just as good and are only $1! Sounds a lot better. They’re 100 calories per 2 cookies so if he continues to eat them like he is now, he’ll be adding a bit of weight! We’re really hoping we can encourage him to eat more so we get him off of formula.

Auggie has started to like brushing his teeth after his nighttime bath. He gets all cuddled into his froggy towel and then reaches for a tooth brush. He usually likes it when either Tim or I brush our teeth, too. I’m hoping that habit sticks! He doesn’t need to have terrible teeth!

I should have a post on Thursday... I need to finish quite a few projects for clients and then catch up on some chores around the house... so we'll see! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Milam County Nature Festival

Auggie got to spend his first full weekend away from me! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be... Well, as long as no one brought him up. It was definitely hard to leave but it was good coming back. I spent the weekend in New Orleans with a few friends from SFA. It was an amazing (and exhausting) weekend but I am so glad I was able to go. I'd love to go back and I will as soon as I know someone who lives there!
My favorite artsy photo from the trip

Auggie spent the weekend with Tim. They went to the Milam County Nature Festival on Saturday. Auggie got to hang out with family while Tim worked the festival. These pictures are from Molly and Ray.

Playing with the Houston Toad exhibit toys

I can't believe we're already over half way through April. I'm ready for some pool time and maybe even trying out some potty training with this ^^ adorable little guy.

Monday, he went diaper free for an hour or two to air out his bottom. Poor guy is really really red (without going into too many details). Diaper changes have been full of screaming, running and squirming so being diaper free for a bit helped out a lot! I only caught 1 out of the 4 accidents he had. Oh well! It'll be a learning process for all 3 of us. Hopefully we'll have some mild weather before it gets too terribly hot so Auggie can hang out outside.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hippity Hop... hop.. hop..

We are finally winding down from our Easter sugar rush! We got to spend Thursday through Saturday morning in La Porte with my family. Then Saturday afternoon, we headed to Giddings to celebrate Easter with Tim's side.

We had a great time. I am so thankful we were able to spend that much time with both sides. I hate choosing between one or the other for holidays.. but at least we were able to see everyone.

I also celebrated my 25th birthday while we were in La Porte. Mom offered to bake a cake but that was the last thing we needed to eat! Mom ended up sticking candles in my dad's birthday cake (his was on the 4th) and they sang happy birthday to me. It was great having everyone together!
On my 25th birthday
Auggie loved running around with his cousins. I know he had to be tired at the end of each day but sleep didn't come easy. Sherwin even spent last week putting together Ben's old crib to see if it would help Auggie sleep while out of his own bed... It didn't. I guess we'll just have to deal with it every time we go somewhere.

Auggie started swinging his arms when he walks quickly. It is so cute. Most of the time he only swings one but sometimes he gets both going! He's also really starting to run more. First it started as running away from us when we wanted to change him but now he'll run to the kitchen to play or towards a specific toy. I can't believe how much our little 17 month old has learned! He added "frog" and "butterfly" to his sign and speech vocabulary in the last week or so. Obviously, he doesn't say it perfectly or clearly but he's working on it! He's been signing "frog" but saying it is pretty new!

I'll leave you with some photos. If you're on Facebook, you're seen these. Sorry, the only new one is above. Nap time has come to a drastic halt and I still have to pack for my trip to New Orleans this weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
checking out Dad's new set of ears

Waiting (not so) patiently to hunt eggs in La Porte

Looks like someone figured out how to
open the eggs!

Auggie and Zoe

Really excited about Drake's drill

Pinning the tail on Rabbit

Cole, Zoe, Drake, Nathan and Auggie

Easter celebration at Mommo's

The swing set is always full

Micah and Auggie entertaining each other

Ben, Libby, Laci, Jacob, Cohen, Auggie and Micah

Time for a ride on the Gator!

Listening to PawPaw