Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Much for Nap Time

We went to Mainly Music this morning. It was the last day until the Fall Session. :( Since it was the last day, they had a little water party after just like last week. Well, Auggie wasn't too into the water this time! He wanted me to hold him most of the time. It was definitely time for a nap. 

Since he fell asleep in the car, I decided to get my oil changed. He was asleep so he wouldn't be hard to control... I just left him in the car seat and took him inside while the guys did their thing with my car. Well, as soon as we got home, I tucked Auggie into his crib and guess who's wide awake now??? August is! He slept for maybe 20 minutes. This should make for an interesting day and a short blog post. Sorry! I wanted to post about our River Trip last weekend but it'll have to wait until Tuesday.

So until Tuesday, here's some pictures!

He's been all over this since we went to the Children's Museum

But Charley... Come Back!

Found a new noise maker!

He sleeps in the oddest of positions

He didn't like the feather at Mainly Music

Checking out the trees, leaves and pups while chewing on a teether

Licking my knee... Yummy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's not a matter of wondering any more...

...Auggie is definitely teething and I found proof! It's not just the drooling and chewing on everything, either. On Friday, he stuck my finger in his mouth and chomped down and I could feel a tooth! I was (and still am) so excited! Now it's not us thinking he's teething and not feeling or seeing anything. So at 8.5 months old, Auggie had his first tooth pop through. And it's not even in the spot I thought it would come up in. It's on the top left part of his gums. I always thought it would be on the bottom right side since there has been a little white dot there for a few months. But nope- I was wrong!

Other than the new tooth, things are going well. He's getting faster at crawling towards anything that catches his eyes. He's also getting better at letting himself down from the table or chair. I'm sure he'll be up to steps soon!

I'll leave you with some pictures and a couple videos from Facebook. Until Thursday!

You can really see how much Auggie's hair has grown

Smiling at Daddy

Playing with Daddy before bed time

You can see him running his tongue along his gum

Sleepy Baby

Monday at Mainly Music during snack time

Nap time after Mainly Music

"One Little Lady Bug all alone..."

Playing with the mirror in the water after Mainly Music last Thursday

Auggie really liked this little water pad

Auggie in the water

Helping Mommy procrastinate

Sleepy time! 
Spinning eggs under his exersaucer

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good times with Family

Oh wow.. I'm actually getting this post done early! It's Wednesday evening and Mom, Cole and Drake just left.

We had a great day! We missed out on Mainly Music (Sorry, Monica, if you're reading this!). We got a late start because of me... I had to get things together and I'm terrible at doing it quickly. I blame it on Tim- he was able to stay home late since he had a doctor's appointment. We slept in a little since Tim had a long night at work Tuesday night.

We went to the Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley. It was an okay place. I feel bad for not liking it too much but some of the exhibits were missing pieces (i.e. the music section was missing sticks to hit the xylophones and triangles). It kind of made me feel sad. I'm sure it didn't help with Cole saying it wasn't fun... but hey, we paid admission and so hopefully that'll help out a bit!

We met Tim at Chik-fil-a. Man, oh, man, is that the place to be at noon!! It was packed. I was thankful we were able to grab a table as someone left and then another mom offered their high chair since they were done. The moms getting high chairs was like being around vultures getting food... Gotta get it quick!

Auggie keeping an eye on Drake

...and then he saw his reflection

Posing like a big boy! Can't wait for his 9 month photo shoot!

Grabbing some books

I like how all the boys are in the pic

Cole being goofy... he didn't want me to take his picture

We have one of these track systems at home and he never plays with it! He absolutely loved this one!

Playing with Gramma

He was sitting so nicely without any help.. 

Cole being difficult and not taking nice pictures

HAHAHAH!!! Caught YA!

Still playing

The boys... I couldn't get Auggie to look

Mommy and Auggie at the Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley

Outside the Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley
 Here are some pictures that were taken Tuesday and Wednesday

Auggie wanted to reach from the exersaucer to the chair without my help

Chewing on Drake's Kitty... Drake wasn't a fan

Wednesday evening- Auggie was laying down and staring at the toys on the shelf near his bed

He found the noise maker in our house! He loved the one at Miss Kristy's on Saturday
 Lindsay sent these pictures to me Wednesday night... I'm glad Cole smiled!! Okay- well, I'm glad they both smiled! Goofy boys!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We'll have lots of pictures if this weekend goes as planned!

Later Days!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Friday night, we travelled the long distance over to Kayla and Darren's to play dominoes. Just kidding about the long distance.. they live right across the street from us! Kayla's boyfriend was over so the guys played 42 while Kayla and I kept Auggie away from the back door. He wanted to stand at the door and watch the dogs play. Then he figured out the guys were playing with something and he wanted in on the domino game! Luckily, they weren't playing with zero set so Tim let him play with a group of dominoes. 
Checking out what the guys were up to!

Learning how to play 42 at a young age
Saturday night, we went over to Jud & Kristy's house for turkey burgers. They were delish! We had a good night hanging out with adults other parents! Their daughter, Pax, just turned one in June. 

Sunday, Melanie, Jane, Sherwin, Jacob, Micah, Cohen and Libby came up for church and lunch. It was really good seeing them. I think the kids had a good time playing with Auggie's toys after church. 

Libby and PawPaw playing with Auggie during our wait at Cotton Patch

Trying to figure out what the yellow thing was (a piece of squash)

Auggie had an appointment with his audiologist on Monday. It went well. Turns out, we won't work with her long.. She's getting a different job. Hopefully, her leaving won't delay the process too much. She said it may take up to 2 weeks longer than usual since there will only be one audiologist at the office (there's another one leaving, too). Figures, huh? We finally get the ball rolling and then there's another delay. It didn't seem like they were much help anyway since Tim called the insurance once on a Friday and by the next Tuesday, they had magically made headway with our insurance... MMMMhhhmmmmm....

...and back to my point... Auggie did well. He just needed to get his head measured. He wanted to move a lot but once he was occupied with the end of the tape measure, he sat still just long enough for the audiologist to get the correct measurement.

The ride home was different story. Auggie was not happy to be in the car again. He slept until we got to Highway 21 and then was whiney most of the time back to College Station. He really wanted to get out of the carseat!

I signed Auggie up for a music class that began yesterday and goes through Thursday. It's called Mainly Music and its hosted by Bryan First Baptist Church. It's a cute program we attended in the Spring- just before Auggie received his loaner BAHA. I think he enjoys watching the kids dance around the most.
watching all the kids jump around

Shake it up high, shake it down low and STOP!

What are they doing??

I spy a butterfly!
Auggie started a few new things over the weekend... Well, some of them he's gotten better at executing. He can sit himself down, pick something up and then pull himself back up. He had some scary moments (think- faceplanting into carpet) but he usually pops right back up. He's getting better at walking along objects and sometimes wants to climb over objects to get to a toy or something he can't have! During meal times, he likes to raise his hands when we put the high chair tray on. It's so cute! Last night, while Tim was eating, he set Auggie's food to the side of the high chair. Auggie started to playfully kick his legs and eventually tried to lean over to the jar of food because he wanted to eat! So proud of him! He's been doing really well when it comes to eating solids. We tried some table food over the weekend but he just plays with it.

Where are Mom and Dad?? This is what he does while we're in the car

Standing up so nice and tall!

Happy baby after nap time last week
And before, I leave you until Thursday, I thought I'd share what everyone on Facebook knows... I'm leaving Facebook for awhile to do some things for myself and around the house. I waste too much time trying to keep up with people on there instead of calling or texting them. I miss the interaction I had with my friends when we lived close to each other! I don't know when I'll be back on but you should know how to reach me if you need me.

So for those of you who read this through my post on FB, post a comment on here instead of on the FB post! I'll get it only on here!

Later Days!