Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Moly- Auggie can scream!

Tuesday's appointment with the dietician went great. She was really excited with how well Auggie is gaining weight. He's growing right along his growth curves.

We all had a pretty uneventful Tuesday and Wednesday, though.

Tuesday night, however, Tim & I woke up to Auggie crying. He went to bed around 11 and hadn't really eaten since 7:30 so naturally we thought he was hungry. Well, he didn't want to eat so we changed him. And then he started screaming bloody murder! He cried and cried and screamed and we couldn't do anything about it. We tried "Shhhh"ing him and that obviously didn't work. We tried rocking him and that didn't help either. I ended up crying because there was nothing we could do. I felt so helpless. I just felt like we should have been able to comfort him with our voices or help rock him back to sleep but nothing helped. I was able to get him to eat a little and then he went back to sleep. Tim looked up some information and now we're thinking it could have been a night terror. Could it have been?? It was obvious nothing we did helped calm Auggie down. and that's what I read on Wednesday- inconsolable, asleep but crying, screaming, over tired. I just hope we don't experience it again. I felt so bad for him. Luckily, he slept til about 10 am Wednesday and he was a happy, smiling baby, too!

Rolling around with a blanket crocheted by his Great Great Great Grandma

He loves those blankets!

Staring at the fan

Tummy time is a great time for farts and burps

Wearing short sleeves and shorts for the first time

How far can my finger go into my mouth?

Good morning, Mommy

I'm beginning to like seeing myself in the mirror

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  1. Ben had a few night terrors when he was little too. He only had a few luckily. The helpless feeling is so gut wrenching though. It's so unfair b/c they can't talk when they're that little to give you clues as to what's wrong either. Here's hoping Auggie doesn't experience any more for ANY of your sakes. On a light note, tummy time appears to be when he shows his true Siegmund side. :)


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