Tuesday, October 26, 2010

36 weeks & 6 days! REALLY??

This morning's doctor appointment went well. My blood pressure was a little high but they tested it again after the appointment and it was back down (a little)- I'm sure last night's dinner didn't help... chili cheese hot dogs. YUM- lol. My weight has leveled off.. YAY! And Auggie is measuring about 7lbs. and still in prime position- head down. The doctor said everything looked good but we'll keep an eye on my blood pressure. He doesn't think anything will happen in the next week but we'll see how that goes... (You know that usually means something will happen) So the next 2 weeks should bring some good news! 

Sunday we went to Jordan & Lacey's daughter's Baptism lunch. It was good to see everyone. Afterward, we went to Melanie & Corey's new house. It's beautiful! I'm sure it's a huge change for them going from a 24ft by 26ft house to the new one!

Tim went hunting all day Saturday but didn't get anything. He saw a small button buck but that was about it. Hopefully he'll have some luck on Friday- I'd love some ground deer meat! While he was out, I cleaned the house and got Auggie's room a little more organized.

Here are some pictures from Saturday.. Mostly Auggie's room and crafty things :)

Auggie's crib with Carter's Elephant Bedding and a Magic Pillow made my his Great Aunt Louise!

There are a bunch of these elephants around Auggie's room

Mirror frame covered with paper

Auggie's doorknob hanger

All Seasons Wreath- Fall Supplies: Wooden S, Scrapbooking Paper, Assorted "Fall" Accessories, Assorted Ribbon, Mod Podge, Scissors,  Safety Pins, Hot Glue

Our front door now looks a little more "homey"!! :) Everything is removable so it can be changed out for holidays or seasons! 
A few more crafty things will go up in Auggie's room over the next couple of days- hopefully I'll have them up by Thursday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wow- These Days Are Flying By!

Sorry for not posting much this month... We haven't done much- a few days out of town on the weekends and that's about it!

We've had a couple doctor appointments since I posted last. Our most recent one was on Tuesday. Doctor said everything sounded and looked good. My blood pressure was good and my weight has stayed about the same for the last month (YES!). Auggie's heartbeat sounded great- we only got to hear it for a few seconds. I told Tim later that we need to buy a stethoscope for the next little one so we can hear it whenever we want!

We're down to less than 4 weeks! I really can't believe how time has been flying by recently. Doctor said if we keep walking like we have been, Auggie could be here in as little as 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS?? O-M-G! Just as long as he's not here this week- Mom & Dad are on a cruise. I think we can hold on for 3 more days :)

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks

The Baby Bump! I'm sporting the new stroller my Grandparents sent for the shower. I LOVE it!
Drake in his covered wagon. Dustin made a canopy for his wagon for their trip to RenFest

Me with the cute cake Jamie, Lindsay & Mom ordered for the shower. It matches the invitations I created for the shower

Friends! Oh, how I miss them!
Katrine (due in March), Shannon, Sarah, Me, Heather, Jessica & Karyn
Thanks for coming!!

Nathan loved the pop up flash on my camera