Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Productive Weekend!

The weekend was great! Tim went down to the coast with Kent and Dustin for a weekend full of fishing. Don't think they caught much but I'm sure just being out in the water and outside for 3 days was enough for them to enjoy it!

Tim with an undersized Red Fish

Photos by Kent Fricke
I went to La Porte for a couple days while Tim was gone. Thursday night I met up with Shannon & Sydelle for dinner. Friday evening I ate dinner with Heather, Jessica & Stephanie. It was SO nice seeing friends again! I came back Saturday afternoon so I could make sure Charley & Aussie were behaving themselves. I didn't hear from the neighbors, so I assume they did.

My mom came to College Station Monday and helped me get the house organized. Oh- it is SO much better! We also put together Auggie's 1st piece of furniture!! My sister, Lindsay, let us borrow her changing table. I just can't wait til we get to order the crib! :)

I just realized I haven't promoted my new website on here yet! For now it is hosted by www.wix.com but I'm hoping to find a host site so I can have my own URL. Honeybee Creations specializes in natural light photography from family portraits to newborn photography at a respectable price. The goal of HBCreations is to allow everyone the ability to have professional portraits taken. HBCreations is available for special events, too. The design side of HBCreations specializes in affordable invitations and announcements for your special event! Please see our website for details: Honeybee Creations: Photography & Design

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog Layout :)

After I got my iMac, I got on our Blog and saw there was an AWFUL color... that yellow color? ullg.. Why didn't anyone say anything? It looked more like an off white on my laptop- my poor poor laptop. Well, hopefully, the red is a little better :) What do you think?

I had my 28 week Doctor's appointment yesterday! It went well. No ultrasound this time- I definitely miss those appointments- but he did listen to Auggie's heartbeat for a little bit. It sounded great. What I do love about the dopplers is that when I felt Auggie kick, you could hear a "BLOOP!" I got to hear it three 3 times in a row. :) After being in the doctor's office for a while, I went down to the lab to get my Glucose Test done- a.k.a they screened for Pregnancy Diabetes. It was a nasty drink- kinda tasted like flat & super sugary Orange Soda. And I kinda liked Orange Soda until I drank it :( I waited an hour- more like an hour & fifteen minutes- got my blood drawn and was sent on my way. I'm supposed to hear back today if I failed it. The girl in the office said if she didn't call today then that means I most likely passed. **EDIT- Still no call on Wednesday**

and here's the latest Belly pic...

I'm off to Hobby Lobby & Michael's to shop for Auggie's baby book! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jamie! Hope you have a good one!!

We haven't been up to much lately. Tim has been busy with his deer spotlight surveys during some evenings.
While he's been gone, I've been making sure my craft closet (lol.. the closet in August's room) is completely organized. I also started and finished the letters that will be on his wall... I'm not sure where yet.

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly... once there is something to post about, I'll start posting every Tuesday & Thursday.
I'll be sure to post again on Tuesday- Monday I have a doctor's appointment. I'll be getting my Glucose test done.. YAY for yucky sugary drinks.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

late late late- Ohio Trip Details

So it's been a little over a week since I posted- SORRY!

The trip with Mom, Jamie, Cole & Nathan went well. It sure was a long car ride up to Ohio but I thought we all did well- especially Nathan. It took us a little longer than planned to get up to Toledo because they closed down I-35 (both ways!) for quite a distance. We were in traffic for about 2 hours on 77. We got to Toledo around 6 p.m. Sunday, July 25.

Monday we hung out around the house- kind of relaxing after the long drive. That night we went to Perrysburg to see Gwen, Grandma Rigby and Ava. My cousin, Andrew, was in the hospital so we weren't able to see the rest of his family.

Tuesday we went to the lake in my grandparents' neighborhood to keep Cole busy. It was my cousin's (Jenny) birthday so we drove to Bowling Green to her, Tom, Samantha and Elli. Elli was about a month old when we saw her :) We had dinner and cake at their house.

Wednesday, Amy came over to have lunch with us. She was leaving that day to camp on Lake Michigan. I'm pretty sure when she left, we went out to the lake.

Thursday was the day we spent at the Toledo Zoo. It was fun but pretty hot for Ohio. Of course, it was nothing like the heat and humidity here in Texas. The zoo was nice- plenty of active animals and the flowers were gorgeous (as you could see from the last post). They had a 9 month old polar bear named Siku. He's the only polar bear cub in the U.S. He played around in the water while his mom paced back and forth.

Friday, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa & Louise went to Port Clinton for a memorial service. While they were gone, Jamie, Cole, Nathan and I went to explore Sonic! Sonics have just started popping up around there. They're crazy busy and kind of weird! We pulled in and a guy walked up to the car to ask us if we wanted drive thru or a stall. Me and Jamie just looked at each other and laughed. We guessed they had too many people not knowing what to do. Before our Sonic trip we ate lunch at Chipotle (a must for Jamie and me). When we got home, we went swimming at the lake.

Tom, Jenny, Samantha and Elli came over on Saturday. They spent the day swimming with us. Samantha spent the night with us.

Grandma, Grandpa, Louise, Samantha, Cole, Mom, Jamie, Nathan and I went for a picnic along the Maumee River at Farnsworth Park Sunday after church. The river was so pretty and really shallow- it was about ankle deep all the way across! We watched a few people walk out there. The little ones wanted to play in it so bad. I have always thought the Toledo area had nice parks. Here's an excerpt from the Toledo Metroparks website:
"Farnsworth is a narrow park along the Maumee River overlooking Missionary, Butler and Indian islands, which are owned by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. The park is at one end of the Towpath Trail and has a boat launch and fishing access. The trail connects this park with Bend View and Providence Metroparks. The Interurban Bridge, which crosses the river at Farnsworth, is partially built atop Roche de Bout, a large, protruding rock in the river that served as an early landmark for native people, European explorers and armies. The abandoned span, once the world's largest earth-filled, concrete reinforced bridge, was part of a commuter railway system."
That evening Amy, Rick, Ben and Sydney got back from camping so they stopped by for a little while. Sydney ended up spending the night with us.

We spent Monday at the house and around the lake for a while. Amy, Rick, Jenny, Tom, Samantha and Elli came back over for dinner. Ben eventually came over (he went out on a date with his girlfriend). No one stayed too long after dinner because most of us were getting up early Tuesday.

And then Tuesday we all headed back to Texas! This time, we made GREAT timing. Instead of going straight south, we headed over to South Bend, Indiana to see my great uncle, Robert. He lives at the University of Notre Dame. It was good seeing him. I haven't seen him since Jenny & Tom got married- 6 years ago. We couldn't stay long- Nathan wanted to run around and Uncle Robert had church. We made it all the way to Joplin, Missouri before we decided to stop. We almost drove all the way through but we were all pretty tired.

We got to Krum around 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Zach welcomed us with a little dance on the corner of their street. We stayed just long enough to unload Jamie & Nathan's belongings and then drove down to College Station. Kristopher was nice enough to meet us at our new house to pick up Mom & Cole.

Since I am on my new iMac (!!!!!), I don't have any pictures uploaded. I'll update this post after dinner :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Click the image above for a larger picture
I am in the process of going through my pictures from the trip so I'll update probably August 10. We'll have more to update then, too- Monday is my next Dr.'s appointment.