Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sure, March is here.. It'll be gone before we know it!

Woke up this morning to Auggie crying. He would cry just a little bit and then sleep a little bit and then cry a little more. Tim took him to bed and he's been silent ever since. I can't believe how Auggie can sleep so soundly when we're right there next to him. I hope him sleeping with us in the morning hours doesn't escalate to him sleeping through the night with us. We did that for a couple nights and I could barely sleep. I was comfortable with myself- I knew I wasn't going to roll over or anything- but I just couldn't sleep right. If you know Tim, he slept perfect. He rarely ever sleeps bad even on the floor!

The Speech Therapy visit went well on Friday. Auggie showed off a little for Mandy. He sat up well and kept control of his head. He even proved us wrong when we told her he still didn't like tummy time. Tim & I are learning some signs so if Auggie doesn't have his hearing aid, he'll be able to communicate with us. I brushed up on my alphabet and colors. Mandy gave us a DVD of a program called Sign & Times for babies. It was cute. We learned cat, dog, horse, frog, bird... and maybe a couple others. Man, I have a lot to get used to- I've never been a big fan of small kids' shows!

We told Mandy that we had been trying to keep hats on Auggie... but you know how warm it has been lately, we didn't want to over heat him. She recommended maybe buying a girl's headband. You know, nothing girly... just a plain neutral colored head band.. Do you know how hard it is to find one?? I went to Target and then I've been looking on the internet, too. I just want a blue, black, white or even red simple non-girly head band! Let me know if you see one and where... oh and not too expensive.

Jason, Staci & Kiley came over for a short visit on Saturday. They were in town for the day. It was nice seeing them. I can't believe how big Kiley is getting! I mean, I see her pictures Staci puts on their blog but seeing her and holding her... She is such a cute little girl!

Tim went fishing with a some high school friends all day Saturday. I tried not getting mad that he didn't get home til 11 that night.. and by trying not to get mad, I made myself even more mad... and then he got home and all that "mad" disappeared. I mean, I wanted to be mad but I realized it was stupid to be mad about him coming home that late. Melanie called me in the afternoon and told me something along the lines of "You're a good wife, staying at home all day on a Saturday even though you stay at home all week." HA- I hope Tim remembers. ;)

Auggie is starting to roll over from back to tummy now. Apparently (according to Tim), he's been rolling over tummy to back, too. I've only seen it once. Auggie usually does it when he's a in a playful mood. Tummy time has gotten a lot better all of the sudden. I"ll get y'all a video when I can. Auggie already recognized my cameras and my iPhone! :(

This afternoon, Auggie has an appointment with the dietician. His height and weight will be measured and then she'll make sure he's been eating enough. This appointment is the beginning of all our appointments this month! I can't believe Auggie has his ABR test next week! I am SO glad it is finally here!

And before we get to the pictures of Auggie- what everyone is here for anyway.. I just wanted to add a little note. I know a few people have asked me when a good time to call is... Well, anytime is a good time to call. If you call and I don't answer, it means I'm busy but I will call you back! :)

Talking away to his birds 2/28

Uh oh, there's that iPhone!! 2/28

Auggie's hats have all shrunk- or his head has gotten a lot bigger!
Looks like we'll have to look for a headband after all 2/27

Good morning, Mommy 2/26

Talk, Talking away! 2/26

Sleeping in Mommy's arms for a quick nap 2/26
Tummy time 2/28

Auggie loves to eat his blankets 2/28

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