Friday, January 28, 2011

52 Fridays- Double Feature!

Like I said in a previous post, I made a diaper cake for my friend, Jamie. I thought it turned out super cute.
What you need:

  • a base (a 14" cake platter was used)
  • a center pole (a paper towel center is good)
  • 60 diapers  (more if you want to make it bigger but use the formula 1x + 2x + 3x = # of diapers used... 1 is the top tier, 2 is the middle and 3 is the base... so for this cake I did 1(10) + 2(10) + 3(10)= 60 diapers
  • large rubber bands
  • ribbon
  • hot glue
  • baby goodies
Starting with the base and center pole, hot glue the pole to center of the base and set aside to dry.

Once the glue is dry, you can start with the bottom tier of diapers.Take a few diapers and lay them flat on the table but in a domino/overlapping effect. (Shown below) Make a few sets of the overlapping diapers and set them aside so you can easily grab them. 
All 3 tiers wrapped around the center pole
Take a set of overlapped diapers and wrap them around the center pole. Grab another set of overlapped diapers and continue wrapping around the center until you have a completed circle. As you continue to add diapers, I figured out if you wrap a rubber band around the diapers as you go, the diapers stay in place nicely. Some instructions have you add the rubber band last.

For the middle and top tiers, use the same instructions as above but with 20 diapers (middle tier) and 10 diapers (top tier). 

Once the diapers are nicely spaced around the center pole, you can start to add ribbon. Add the ribbon around the middle of each tier to replace the rubber bands and to keep the diapers in shape. You can hot glue the ribbon ends together but be sure the glue does not come into contact with the diapers.

When you are satisfied with your ribbon placement, you can add your baby goodies. You can use teether, stuffed toys or anything you can think of for the mom-to-be!
Finished product 

Close up of the top tier
Now onto my second project for this week! (Yes, I said second b/c I can't show the other ones I have done yet!) I've been wanting something to decorate the space above our headboard in our room. Since all the vinyl scenes I've liked have been too expensive, I am going to make something. I used the following picture as inspiration along with our duvet.

Our duvet
Picture frame at Target

Canvas with leaves sketched onto it
11x17" canvas with leaves
The leaves will be painted with creme colored paint and the background will be the same green we have on the wall surrounding our window. There will be 2 side by side. I'll post a picture once they're dry and hung up!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

I know, I know... We shouldn't want these days to hurry on by but we can't help looking forward to so many things coming up.

  • The appointment with the geneticist
  • Auggie's ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test in March
  • WARM weather! Hopefully we'll be taking Auggie out!
  • Auggie getting his hearing aids
I'm sure there are others but I can't think of anything else.. in fact I know Tim & I have our own things we're looking forward to.

Auggie's last RSV vaccination went well. He cried for less than a minute. As soon as he was in his carseat and it was moving, he was asleep. Tuesday night, Billy & Julie came over for dinner. They have had us over so many times for dinner and some Wii fun so we finally had the chance to have them over. I made chicken tetrazzini- it actually turned out great! I was exhausted by the time they left. My nose is all stuffy/runny and my throat has been super sore lately. Where does it come from?? I don't go anywhere or see anyone to get sick from! I just hope it doesn't find Auggie!

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. Auggie slept most of the day, only waking up to eat. Tim stayed home til a little after noon to let me sleep. I've been sleeping terribly the past few days since I've been feeling sick. He was able to do some things for work on the computer and over the phone so at least he was able to get some hours in. When he came home, I took Aussie & Charley for a walk. They were so hyper when we started but luckily, they didn't drag me down the road like the last week! I'm sure I look funny being pulled by a lab mix and an australian shepherd. 

I've finished the invitations I've been designing and took them to the printer last night. Other than a little hiccup with the color (even though I checked it several times), I should have them mailed tomorrow afternoon. I really hope they're liked! I've been trying to get some more designs up on my Etsy shop but my creativity has been lacking the past few weeks. I need it back! I don't know what I'd do if it never came back!!

I guess that's about it! I'll leave you with a few iPhone pictures. Next week (or the week after) will be Auggie's 12 week/ 3 month photo shoot! I can't wait to see what outfits he'll be fitting in then!
He was so sleepy on Sunday
The "Sherber-gular" sleeping on the floor in a comfy blanket
He's starting to keep his thumbs out from under his fingers
Someone wouldn't fall asleep and stay asleep if my finger wasn't on his soothie
Peeking at me to see if I'm still there
Auggie's double chin is really starting to show ;)
3-6 month onesie I ordered from T&T Treasures
I can't wait til he can wear it!
Poor little Auggie Bear... He has bad cradle cap :(
but he's kinda smiling here!
Keeping an eye for those red and blue birds!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pregnancy Brain? Oh wait, I'm not pregnant anymore!

I apologize for not having a post on Friday. I usually do my "52 Fridays" post some time during the week before it is posted and some how, I thought last Friday was the 28. Don't ask me why I thought it was the 28- I even have a baby shower to go to on the 29 so I knew when it was... at least I thought I did. So to make up for my late on-set pregnancy brain, I will have a double dose for you on Friday!

Late on-set pregnancy brain... hmm.. It has a ring to it. I guess it could be called Mommy brain, too? I never had trouble remembering stuff while I was pregnant (at least not more than usual) so it just amazes me how bad it has gotten since Auggie has been born. I'll go to transfer Auggie's milk from a bottle to a bag but sometimes forget about putting it in the fridge! I've been meaning to call the Milk Bank in Austin to get a blood test done so I can finally donate the milk that is taking up our freezer but I again, keep forgetting. I like making lists, so I should probably start keeping Post Its lists around my desk to keep things straight. ;)

Things are going by.... well, pretty fast, boring and uneventful. I should be thankful for that! Friday and Saturday, the THREE (!!) of us spent our time in Giddings. It was Auggie's first night away from home since we brought him home. Tim wanted to go duck hunting with Sherwin and Jacob one last time this season. They brought home a few ducks. We spent all of Saturday in Giddings. Auggie was able to meet Grandma K and Uncle Darryl for the first time. I am so ready for him to meet everyone! Maybe Eater will be a good time.
One of the ducks had a club foot (the one on the left is club)
Jacob with the ducks of the day

Sunday was another lazy day for us. Tim was supposed to go play rugby Sunday evening but they're unorganized. One of the guys decided to get together 30 minutes before the set time. Who does that? Especially if you're trying to get guys interested in playing rugby in College Station.

Monday, the THREE (!!) of us went to Wal Mart to go shopping. I think all we had in the fridge was condiments and some fruit cups... it was definitely a sad sight. We were going to go around midnight Monday morning but since Auggie was sleeping so well, we waited for the afternoon. It's sad that we wanted to go when no one was around so we could take Auggie. I know, I know, 5 p.m. on a Monday evening is not the time to go when you don't want your little one around people but it was the first time Auggie has been out in public. 

Like I said before, I forget things... and I've been meaning to post about Grey's Anatomy. The episode that was on Thursday, January 13 featured a patient with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Stefany T. messaged me through Facebook that night telling me about it. (Our antennae doesn't get ABC so I have to watch it on Fridays). My first reaction was "WTH??? It seems to be popping up everywhere!" I just don't get how you can go your whole life not hearing about something and then once it affects your life, you hear about it so much more often. I found a couple sites that explain TCS better than I would- I focus on certain things and often don't explain how it develops. and the oh-so-relaible Never thought you'd go to ABC to learn about something, did you? I also found the episode of Grey's from 2 weeks ago. The TCS patient is at 9:30 to (approx.) 10:15

I'll post more pictures of Auggie on Thursday- I haven't uploaded any new ones since last week. Auggie has been doing great! He's starting to keep his hands open a lot more through out the day and he's been more vocal recently, too. He'll have his last RSV vaccination later today. I guess we'll have to see next Fall if he'll need to be careful around germs. He is such a trooper when it comes to getting poked and prodded so I'm sure we won't have a problem. Last night, he slept after he ate at 10 p.m. until 3 a.m! I was surprised about what time it was when I woke up. Maybe that's a sign that he'll be sleeping longer at night. Here's to hoping!
Auggie has changed so much!
Auggie holding onto the Mommy Necklace
He was so comfy laying on my shoulder like this... too bad it is a terrible position for breathing for him!

So until Thursday....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We have the BEST baby in the world...

... Yes- I think we honestly do have the best baby! He has been SO good the past few days.

I woke up to him sleeping so well on Tuesday and he's been getting more and more active. Wednesday evening he was really vocal. It's nice to see that he starting to hit his milestones.
Sleeping so well!

Tuesday was a fun day- at least for me it was. I got 3 packages in the mail! 1 was a big surprise from my aunt in Florida. She sent me a pair of earrings and a bracelet. SO pretty! It reminds me a lot of my boss, Liz, from Campus Rec.
I also received my first photo prop- a Christmas tutu!! I won a discount during a game held by T&T Treasures on Facebook.. I heard a couple jokes about Auggie wearing a tutu. Sadly, I was really tempted to see what it looked like on a baby when I got it! lol. Don't worry, I didn't put it on Auggie! I told my sister, Jamie, that she better be having a little girl so she can have some awesome tutu pictures for Christmas! [[Oh, yea... Jamie is pregnant! I don't know how I didn't spill the beans on that one!]]
Tutu by T&T Treasures
 I also received the last part of my Christmas present- a custom return address stamp! I love it! Obviously, the wording is different on ours. I bought it on etsy at lovetocreatestamps. I'll definitely be going back once I get my Honeybee Creations logo all worked out.
Return address stamp
and speaking of Etsy! I started my own shop! It's called HBeeCreations. There are only a few items up now but once I am done with these wedding invitations, I'll be posting some cute things! Maybe something even Valentine's Day inspired!

Wednesday was a sleepy day for both Auggie & me. I think we napped in the recliner until 1. I knew I had to get my butt up to work on stuff before Tim got home.

Check back tomorrow for my diaper cake tutorial on My 52 Fridays! YES! I came up with a new (and better) name for my Fridays! ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun but short weekend

Hope everyone's weekend treated them well... Tim & I had a great Saturday in Dallas.  My friend, Jamie, had a baby shower (she's due at the end of February) and I figured it was a good time to see our Dallas friends. While I was at the shower, Tim went out with Kevin, Marco, Karl, and Big Tim (and possibly other guys). I loved what I gave to Jamie. I really hope she liked it, too... but not too much to not take it apart! (Friday, I'll post a little how to)
The diaper cake topper
While we were there, Jamie & Kevin gave us what they had gotten Auggie- an Australia Wallabies onesie! I'll be getting better pictures later this week- I'll have to do laundry since Auggie spit up right after Tim put the outfit on him. When Tim showed me the onesie, I was excited about the front (with the Wallabies logo) and then he showed me the back! I was super excited about that! I'll have to get pictures of Tim in his Wallabies jersey holding Auggie. Thanks Jamie & Kevin!!
The back of the onesie
Tim playing with Auggie on his play mat
It was so nice doing dinner with Blair, Reagan, Karl, Marco, Jamie, Kevin, Matt & Angela while we were there. It is definitely one thing I miss about most of us being in Nacogdoches. It'll be nice once Jamie has Colin- Colin, Auggie & Reagan will be able to play together at SFA's Alumni game each year! If the stars align themselves correctly, Colin might be exactly 3 months younger than Auggie. Auggie is exactly 3 months younger than Reagan. CUTE!

My mom babysat Auggie while we spent the day in Dallas. She said he did great! She was able to take a couple nice pictures with her new iPhone4 (yea, I know! My mom has an iPhone4). She has another picture of him sticking out his tongue that I'll get from her and I'll post it on Thursday.
He looks as if he's worried we left him with Gramma! ;)
Sleeping great for Gramma!
Sunday was a lazy day for us. My mom and I went to Toys R' Us and Michael's to do a little shopping but since the weather was nasty, we didn't stay out too long.
Monday morning we had an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) representative come out to get Auggie set up for his weekly weight checks. ECI sounds like a great program. They have different therapists available for home visits to help kids under 3 years old. From what she was saying, ECI will help him with speech and other areas needed until he's 3 and then prep him for the transition into school. It sounds like a great program!

So that was our weekend. Going back to Saturday- I have finally gotten the push I need to get Honeybee Creations up and running... at least the craft side of it. At Jamie's baby shower, one of the girls asked if I had a business card. I could have kicked myself after that! So now, I am in the process of making an Etsy shop ( and I will be doing business cards shortly after it is running. I'll be putting my handmade cards (like these) and some graphic design work (like announcements, invitations, etc) up soon. I'll make an announcement when that is all done.

I'll post some more on Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafty Friday- 4"x4" Thank You Cards

I made these thank you cards for my sister's coworkers. They put some money together for us so we wouldn't have to spend much when we go to Austin for Auggie's doctor visits. Since they were so nice and sent almost $100 worth of gift cards, I wrote them each a personal note inside the cards.

The cards were made with patterned paper from "Me & My Big Ideas" (Michael's), white card stock, alphabet stamps (Target), a decorative circle (Michael's), corner rounder and black ink. The sleeves were made from the same paper stack.

I love making cards for special occasions! See my collection HERE!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

THURSDAY already?!?!?

Where have the weeks been going? I can't believe it is already Thursday!
Not much has gone on since the Tuesday post.
Tim went duck hunting early Wednesday morning- leaving me in a sleepy stupor with Auggie hungry.... (that was the reason for my anti-Tim Facebook update) ;) Tim was able to shoot a Teal drake... or a drake Teal... well, whatever the order, it was a male duck.
Tim posing with the Teal
Look at the pretty green on it's wing!
I've been working on wedding invitations for friends that are getting married in June and also trying to get Auggie to like being photographed! The second one is a challenge. lol
So here are the pictures Auggie allowed me to take before he got too cranky... Enjoy!
"I'm okay for now, Mom"

"Yeaaa.. I don't think so"
"No, Mom... I'm not a fan of teal like you are!"
"Just get it out of my face"
"I'm getting uncomfortable in this tie"

Taken with my iPhone and edited through an App on there...
After Auggie calmed down a bit
 So the pictures weren't going as planned so I resorted to feet and hands!

Hope you enjoy his pictures. I keep telling myself, once he gets a little older, he'll be more cooperative!
Come back tomorrow for "Crafty Friday!"