Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Auggie is getting SO BIGGG!

Auggie got on the coffee table this morning while Melinda (his therapist) was here for her appointment. He kept squatting and then standing up and then raising his arms above his head. I couldn't figure out what he was saying while he was doing it until Melinda asked if he was saying "so big!" We said "so big" a couple times while he stood up and he started smiling. He was excited when we figured out what he was doing. It was so cute! This was the first time he's done "so big" without being prompted. He really had only started copying me last week.

I really can't believe he is getting so big! I know I say that every week on the blog... You can imagine how often I tell myself that, too!

We had a great weekend in La Porte. The drive there was awful. It took us almost 4 hours to get home because highway 6 was practically shut down about 5 miles south of Navasota. We took a few Farm-to-Market roads to get onto Highway 290. We had planned to make my dad dinner but stopped at McDonald's on the way so we could eat and so Auggie could play for a bit.

We spent most of Saturday with some rugby friends. I wish the weather would have been nicer so Auggie and I could have stayed at the game. It was kind of cool and drizzly. The last thing I wanted was for Auggie to get sick so we went back to my parents' house while Tim watched the rest of the game. I was disappointed we missed seeing some friends but health is a little more important. Auggie played with Zane at the house and by the time Jen and I had made up our minds to go back to the game, it was over. Oooops. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with the rugby folks in Clear Lake while my mom watched Auggie. It was great getting out just the two of us.

Saturday morning we were supposed to go to a funeral for Tim's great uncle but Sherwin was in the hospital so we wanted to be able to leave as soon as we needed to. Sherwin is doing fine now; he just needs to take it easy for a couple weeks.

The weekend went  by way too quickly. I'm already looking forward to going back home again. There never seems to be enough time to spend with friends and family. I didn't get any pictures with my Canon over the weekend. I was looking forward to Saturday's game to get most of the pictures but since it was rainy, I left the camera in the car.

Auggie ate 2 whole cookies this weekend! YAY!

Tim's first wildflower in the yard. I think it's pretty... he doesn't

Auggie stole my spoon of peanut butter

Trying to bite my finger nails!

Watching the cars go by

He enjoyed walking across the field
Watching Daddy unload the groceries.
Did you see that first picture? 2 cookies this weekend! I know, they're not the healthiest, but hey, I will jump for joy every time he eats something new or all of something! He finished about 1/4 cup of goldfish crackers this morning and drank a little bit of my almond milk. This momma is super proud. Auggie has also started signing "frog" consistently. It's not right up to his throat, but it still counts!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Afternoon Special

Just letting you know... If you follow the blog through NetworkedBlogs, I will no longer be using them. I do not agree with their statements. They want permission to post any time to my Honeybee Creations page and I don't see the need for them to have that right. They won't publish my link to my posts on my personal Facebook page without access to my work page so I'm done using their service.

and now onto our post...

I figured I might as well post once this week! Tim spent Saturday night through Thursday afternoon in Giddings. He worked with Sherwin so we could have a little extra money. It's a good thing he did, though... Our tenants' water heater broke earlier this week. Woo hoo, huh? Just another thing to put on the list.

Auggie and I had a nice week. It seems like Sunday was so long ago! We didn't do much but there weren't too many tantrums so that's always nice. We went to the park a couple times, saw Uncle Kristopher on Thursday, ate at Chik-Cil-A and got to hang out with Mr. Jonathan for a few hours. Mainly Music was on Wednesday and Tuesday was full of speech therapy and an appointment with the dietician.

I should have more "real" photos (not iPhone ones) on Tuesday. This week I'll leave you with a bunch of pics and a few videos.

Auggie loves laying in our bed

He was being silly

Attempting to do a pull up at the park

Chewing on an apple

Walking with PawPaw in Lowe's

Jonathan would jump then Auggie would jump

At Chik-Fil-A on Wednesday

Bath time!
My Little Nemo
The outfit wasn't planned, I promise ;)

Smiling at the park

Auggie sat in my lap while I was on the swing

Auggie watched Uncle Kristopher and Daddy play XBox

Climbing up the playground

This would have been SO cute but he moved
and created double eyes and mouth

Watching Uncle Kristopher at the park

not sitting like he should be

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Clever Title Today

I think we're on our 100th run of Finding Nemo this week. How did this happen? I used it a couple times to keep Auggie occupied while I made dinner or ran out to do laundry... And now it's "fish" "Fish" all the time. Every time someone is at the computer, he signs fish. And boy, oh, boy, is he not happy when he doesn't get his fish! He hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days so I've been letting him get away with more than he should.

Wednesday, we went to the park. I had everything ready to go on a walk to Sonic for a drink and then head to the park to feed the ducks... When I walked out of the house, I closed the door and locked us out! At least I had everything we needed to be out for a couple hours. Auggie had a lot of fun watching me feed the ducks. I wanted him to be able to hear the ducks so I couldn't get him right up to the water with his BAHAs on. That's the last thing I wanted to happen! He enjoyed seeing the ducks. We went through a bag of stale pretzels pretty quick so I let him walk to the playground. The short walk was going well until he realized there was water and mud on the side of sidewalk! I'll leave you with a few pictures from the muddy adventure....

He loves throwing rocks up onto the slide

I took this from atop the playground

He kept bumping his head on the stop of the slide when he came down

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your Valentine's Day is everything you're hoping for! I haven't told Tim this yet, but I think this'll probably be last time we celebrate it as a gift-giving holiday. I don't see the point. We already have birthdays, Christmas and our anniversary... plus it's no fun when your spouse has access to the credit card, sees how much you spent because of course, the present isn't sold locally. Tim knows what I got him and could tell what it is by the price!

But anyway!

Auggie started signing "fan," "pig," and "bear." Bear isn't close to perfect and Pig isn't signed near his mouth but he's getting there! Melinda and her supervisor, Connie, came by this morning for his weekly appointment. Auggie was really shy at first but slowly warmed up. I think he's starting to get to the "stranger danger" stage. He doesn't get upset around new people, he just wants to be near Mommy or Daddy.

We got to spend some time with family and friends over the weekend.

Saturday, we had Spoons with Jen, Dan and Zane and then went over to their house for dinner. It's so funny watching the boys play together.

Sunday, we drove down to Giddings for Jane's birthday. We had lunch with the family and the kids got to exchange valentine's gifts and play with each other. Micah kept wanting to help Auggie walk around. It was so cute!
I get a little help from my friends

Zane and Auggie had so much fun together
I wish I had more pictures to post. Auggie is still working on his premolars and one or two more front teeth. He hasn't been too happy. Finding Nemo has gotten a lot of play time! He loves watching his fish. He's even started vocalizing his version of "fish" when I repeat it for him.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

OT is not OK

Before I get into our little episode from this morning, let me just say:

I know things can be worse. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I know Auggie has improved his eating. I know there will be good days and bad days but we'll get through them. And I know Auggie is happy (most of the time) and healthy.

(If you want to skip ahead to the pictures, feel free... I'm going to rant for paragraph or two.)

But today's Occupational Therapy (OT) appointment was horrible! I feel like I've failed all moms in the history of the world because I could not get Auggie to eat. He only ate 4.5 ounces of his morning bottle (which is typically 6-7 ounces). He ate a smidgen of a blueberry waffle and one or two bits of yogurt without me having to force it into his mouth. He usually eats a quarter to a half of a waffle and a little less than half of his yogurt. His sessions are 45-60 minutes long and I promise you, he screamed and whined for about 30 of it. I felt bad for the therapist, myself, Auggie and everyone else in the building. When I finally went downstairs to check out and pay our co-pay, the secretary at the front just kind of chuckled and said "All done, hun??" while looking at Auggie. I was so embarrassed! And much more frustrated! I couldn't do anything to console Auggie... he didn't want to be in the high chair, held or on the floor walking. Everywhere he wanted to be, he couldn't because there were other sessions going on. It was taking everything in my body to keep myself from crying out of frustration.

I just don't get it. I know appetites change from day to day but I don't know where we went wrong or why Auggie is so aggravated with eating. I don't even want to go back for another OT appointment because we haven't gotten any new information to help him along. Should we go back? Auggie eats (or not) in front of the therapist and she just says "keep doing what you're doing... he'll get it soon." Ugh!

And now onto pictures! These were all from just before bed time last night. He likes to pile his stuffed animals into his ball pit and throw them out and lay in them. I love how his hair gets all static-y when he plays in the ball pit.

Look at that hair!

I don't know if you can tell, but the
brown animal on the right is being thrown

Guess its time for bed!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost to 30 signs!

Signs (as of February 7)

  1. Milk
  2. All Done
  3. More
  4. Dog
  5. Bird
  6. Rabbit
  7. Outside (hold out your hand and act like you're twisting a door knob)
  8. Airplane
  9. Train
  10. Cat
  11. Ball
  12. Baby
  13. Eat
  14. Cracker
  15. Cookie
  16. Bye-Bye
  17. Monkey
  18. Duck
  19. Horse
  20. Car
  21. Shoes
  22. Fish
  23. Book
  24. Zebra
  25. Banana
  26. Moon
I'm going to add a little sidebar option on the left side to keep an updated list of all the signs Auggie knows. I'm working on "help," "please," and "turtle" with him now. I might be missing one or two right now but I'll keep adding them as I remember.

We had a busy busy busy weekend (and Monday!). 

Friday was a scary day. Auggie and I went to Michael's to buy some paper and got home just in the nick of time before it started raining. I had checked the radar before we left and the storm didn't look too bad but it ended up basically just sitting on top of South College Station. We got about 4" of rain! Tim thought the same thing- it wasn't going to be too bad- but he sat in his office until close to 7 pm. Between the quarter mile walk to his truck and not being able to run yet, he didn't want to get soaked. He left while it rained anyway. I was glad he was home because we were under a tornado watch until 8:15. There was an F2 tornado that touched down in Snook (the link goes to an image showing Snook's location). Luckily no one was hurt. I didn't even know about the tornado watch until Darren texted me asking if we should be in an interior room! (Note to self: don't watch the CW while there is bad weather in the area; they won't let you know!) We had a bit of hail in our area, but nothing too bad. Auggie didn't show any signs of being scared during the lightning or thunder so that was good. Our local KBTX channel really stayed on top of keeping everyone up-to-date and shared viewers pictures and video of the storm. I was impressed since I had only seen a news station do that in Houston during hurricanes. It sure was nice getting the rain though! I think from January 1 until now, we have about 9.5" on record at the airport a few miles down the road. That's about half of our yearly total from 2011! I hope it continues!

Saturday afternoon, Mom, Lindsay, Cole and Drake came up. We stuck around the house to let the boys play. Auggie was in his PJs all day!

Sunday was pretty much our busy busy day. We had lunch with Tim's coworker, Burnie, and his wife, Leslie. They're expecting their first baby in the next week or so. We had lasagna and salad. Yum! Auggie did great until it was way past his naptime- around 3! He slept for about an hour in his carseat while we drove back home, picked up his food and then continued on to Hearne to see Billy and Julie to watch the Super Bowl. We spent the rest of the day in Hearne watching the Super Bowl and the commercials. Auggie ran around and chased Remi, their little Yorkie. 

We drove out to Gause Monday morning and spent the whole day with Molly and Ray. We had a great time- Auggie ate some dirt, busted open his gum, played with some new dogs and went for a ride on a tractor. We always enjoy going out to see Molly and Ray. I have tons of pictures so I'll leave you to look at them...

Daddy helping Auggie go up the plank to the slide

A little out of focus, but he has SO much
fun going head first!

He found the wheel

Big smiles for the wheel

Daddy showing him how to go down the slide properly

Ray was bringing the tractor around and Auggie couldn't take his eyes off it

waiting to go on a tractor ride

Daddy let him eat some sand

♥ that face!

Learning how to honk the horn

but the horn should be there!

big boy!

trying to get in the front loader

Kisses from Aussie

We have such City Dogs! Charley wanted to ride
with us instead of running around

Aussie wanted on, too, but while we were moving!
Auggie wanted to be just like Callaway!