Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch up

You know, I never did tell you that little something I knew that you didn't know! It got overshadowed by what Dr. K told us March 21... But... Nathan will have a little sister! That's right, Jamie & Zach are going to have the first girl on our side of the family! I am totally jealous! She's going to be one spoiled rotten little girl! I've already got so many things lined up to buy for her. I'll just use the excuse that it's for my photography props!

Friday, I met up with Jamie, Nathan and my mom. I wanted to go to a consignment sale organized by Just Between Friends and they were driving up to Krum so we met on the West side of Houston. This sale was a bit more expensive than the one in Denton last Fall. There also wasn't much as far as boy clothes. I was disappointed about that. In Denton, I was able to buy 40 pieces of clothing (sleepers, onesies and pants) for under $100. I didn't get anywhere near that much this time but Jamie realized she had all of Nathan's clothes she didn't need. YAY for new (to us) clothes!

Saturday, Tim, Auggie & I went to Huntsville State Park. It was gorgeous day! We took the stroller along so we didn't have to pack Auggie on our hikes. Yea... big mistake there. We should have just brought the carrier Jessica let us borrow. Of course, we thought of the carrier after we got to the park! We'll definitely use it the next time we do something like that.

Mom stopped by on her way home from Jamie's on Monday. She stayed until Wednesday afternoon. It was so nice to have her around- and not just because she took care of the nighttime feedings!

Auggie's speech therapy appointment went great today. Mandy was happy with how vocal he was. I was just glad he was awake and his usual self around her! We had a rough night last night... well, Tim & I did.. Auggie just liked to scream. Mandy said he's pretty much hitting all his milestones that he should be hitting- cooing, good head control, rolling over, reaching for toys, following people with his eyes, etc.  He's starting to get in that really fun age!

We're supposed to be going to a wedding this weekend. I'm really hoping we're still going. It'll be nice to see Emma & Brian get married and we'll also see Emily, Rachel & Shea all prettied up as bridesmaids!

Trying to watch TV

All the clothes Jamie gave us

Playing with the snail

Taking a nap after a lonnnng night!

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