Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Much Engery

We had a good weekend in Nacogdoches. It was great seeing college friends and the campus!

Where do almost 2 year olds get all their energy from? Not only that, where do they get all that negative energy from?? The terrible two's are definitely upon us and Auggie's not even 2 yet! Scary! The past few days can be blamed on Auggie's nose being stuffy but before that? Maybe him getting his lower "I" teeth can be blamed? I guess I'll just blame it on them anyway. 

Other than some major tantrums, Auggie has been great! He's learning how to count (even if it's not quite in order) and naming his colors. He counted correctly to 8 with Mickey Mouse last week. He also does very well on his colors. He knows: red, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, white and grey. He even knows their signs, too. He is one smart little boy! 

We're still working on Auggie's speech. We haven't gone back to the private speech therapist since our insurance changed but I make it a point to keep working with him. He still even plugs his nose sometimes when he's trying to say a "b" word. The other day he did it when he was saying a "d" word (I don't really remember what word it was, though). I think Auggie does pretty well when comparing him to other kids and if he's behind, it must be a very tiny bit. 

Auggie has a huge obsession with music right now. He loves watching music videos and dancing to music in the car. We watch PSY's Gangnum Style and Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen's Good Time 2-3 times a day. One night we got up to 8 times in a row for PSY. Luckily, Auggie has my taste in music so I can play one of my Pandora stations and he's content... sometimes. He likes up beat and fast songs.

I can't believe it's already the end of October. Auggie will be TWO in 17 days! For some reason it's so hard to believe! We're having a small party with Auggie's friend Zane. They're like a week apart and have the same friends so it'll be a lot of fun!

I'll leave you with a few pictures... 
Giving the SFA Bears kisses at Barnes and Noble in Nacogdoches

The family with Surfin' Steve

Watching the game with Daddy

Auggie wanted to be in the picture with all the guys after the Alumni Game

Watching Mickey Mouse in the hotel room

Auggie and Ruby had fun with chalk

Sharing a milk shake

Auggie's learning how to do somersaults 

Daddy and Auggie at the park

Painting his pumpkin from Aunt Kayla

Apparently Mommy's face was more fun to paint
Playing at Mainly Music