Friday, March 18, 2011

52 Fridays- Cards, Cards, Cards and a Letter

I wish there was another service to send regular letters conveniently other than the United States Postal Service! I have had a few people not get their cards for their birthdays, invitations to baby showers and even had a recipient pay for her own birthday card!! Of course, these weren't paying customers.. This is all from my personal experience.

Sorry- I'm just really mad at USPS right now. The most recent card was mailed in a standard envelope and was within their mailable specifications.

I wanted to wait until my sister got her card but since it has been over 2 weeks, I'm thinking she's not going to get it. So, Lindsay, here is your card. Sorry you couldn't see it in person. I really liked this one, too!

For Lindsay:
My Mind's Eye Glitter Card stock with coordinating patterned paper, yellow gems and metal name plate 
 The rest of the cards (and a letter) are some of my most recent Creations I've made. I have 2 more but I will wait to post those when they reach their final recipients! Enjoy:
For Mommo:
My Mind's Eye Glitter Card stock with coordinating patterned paper, ribbon and metal name plate

Purple Argyle patterned paper, coordinating purple card stock, black and silver glitter brads and embossed "Happy Birthday" stamp

Patterned card stock with gold and brown coordinating card stock, white ribbon and embossed "Happy Birthday" stamp

For Drake & Nathan:
Hand torn lightweight card stock in light blue, light green, dark green,  yellow, orange and brown with 3-D Dinosaur themed stickers

Thank You:
Cupcake patterned paper with coordinating polka dot paper and squiggly line paper, star ribbon and 3-D cupcake sticker

Paisley patterned card stock with pink and brown card stock, "It's a Girl" ribbon,  and "a" Thicker 

Blue card stock with animal and striped patterned paper and Thickers

"Mod Podged" 4" wooden "A" to adorn Auggie's Easter Basket
Thanks for checking out my weekly Creations! If you're on Facebook, you can check out Honeybee Creations where I show off all my Creations. Want to make an order? See my Etsy shop for details or leave me a comment below! :)

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  1. aw i loved my card, and it wasn't much money so don't worry about mine. also, the postage rate is going to change on april 17, new prices explained here -->


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