Monday, March 18, 2013

Auggie LOVES Being Outside

Happy March! Well, middle of March, actually! We've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible to take advantage of the warmer weather. It's supposed to be 85 degrees today. I know this Spring and Summer will be full of time outside since I can hardly keep Auggie in much longer. 

We went to La Porte a few weekends ago since Tim had a conference in Houston. We met my mom and Drake at the neighborhood park when we got in town. Boy! Did Auggie have a blast with the puddles! He's not one for getting dirty or too wet but he had a lot of fun chasing after Drake in the puddles. He even let the water get in his boots! 

water logged boots!

As Tim and I were packing up, Kristopher kept Drake and Auggie busy with "keep away" and the Little Tikes car. That car was Kristopher's when we moved into that house. It has held up pretty well. Auggie loves it!

Back at home, Auggie has been enjoying his gardening tools, chalk, bubbles and the rock border. We're trying to get him used to being dirty or at least having dirt on his hands and feet. He's not too sure what to do with his hands when they do get dirty. I'm sure this summer will help! Tim found an earthworm one afternoon and Auggie thought it was so neat. But once it was in his hands, he wasn't too sure about it. He kept saying/signing "dirty" and saying "eww."

Since we've had a little bit of rain this year, our backyard has grown up a bit and now there's finally more grass than dirt. It's a good place to hang out in again. Charley and Auggie have enjoyed us being outside more, too. Auggie is still getting used to Aussie being in his face all the time. She is constantly at his face attempting to lick him. Auggie likes to help us feed and water them. He can take the scoop and pour food in each dish without any help and he really likes to put it back in the food bin by himself. He'll be such a helper when he's a little older!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Auggie's First Hair Cut!

Auggie finally had his first haircut Febrary 15! I was not looking forward to getting it cut since we all know toddlers hardly stay still. Plus, I didn't want it to look terrible.

I got a few suggestions from friends in town for places to go and we ended up going to Tejas Cuts in Bryan. They were small and not busy. They even had a race car for him to sit in and a TV to watch... But guess, what?! He wasn't having any of that! 

Auggie ended up sitting on my lap and refusing the cape. We were both covered in hair by the end of the appointment (even though I wore a cape). I was surprised he actually sat still for the most part. I think the scissors tickled him a bit when the hair dresser was cutting the back. He'd shrug his shoulders and roll his head over side to side. Overall, I was happy about the cut even though she missed a chunk at the back. She did the best she could with a 2 year old! 

He sat in the car just long enough for me to snap this photo
He still had a little tail after

Being silly at home

and the front doesn't look too different.