Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Auggie must be allergic to the beginning of the month

Auggie has a stuffy nose.. again! This will be the third month in a row he's been feeling a little down. I hope he feels better soon because I hate forcing him to clean his nose and of course, I want him feeling better!

Auggie is making progress in the food department. He's up to about 5 Nilla Wafers a day and actually pays some attention to the baby food we've been giving him. I really do hope it continues!
yep, there's a nilla wafer in there

OH! There it is!


Auggie wanted Daddy's grapes

This is the first time he's put the mesh teether in his mouth

Look, Mom! No hands!!

Auggie discovered stairs over the weekend! Friday afternoon we met up with some of the moms and kids from our meet up group. We went to the indoor play place at Post Oak Mall. I didn't think Auggie was going to be into it much but as soon as he was able to see the tree house, he got all excited and couldn't wait to get down. When he was down, he wasn't sure which kid to follow!

Saturday, we drove out to Marble Falls in the Hill Country to celebrate Jessica's birthday. It was a nice day being out of College Station and hanging out with family.

Auggie crawled through this tunnel about a dozen times

Playing on the mobile frogs

Checking out the stairs

Playing with his new toys on his new booster seat

"and the piggy goes oink oink oink"

Mommo and Auggie

Grandma K and Auggie

Playing on the piano with Aunt Jessica and Ben

Maybe Auggie will be a pianist when he's older

Ben reading to Auggie

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did that really happen??

Did it really rain?!?!?!
It did! The roads are dry but the ground is still wet! We had a nice thunder and lightning storm come through yesterday evening. Auggie really liked watching the wind blow around the leaves and branches in the trees but he was not a fan of the thunder that BOOMed pretty close to the house. Tim saw one of lightning streaks and he said it looked like it was pretty close (a few streets) behind the house. Auggie sat in my lap for a bit until the thunder and lightning passed. I'd be scared, too, if I didn't know what was going on. 

This week has been a great week for eating food for Auggie. I was eating a pop tart for breakfast one morning and Auggie was alllll over me trying to get it from me. I figured I'd try to give him something sweet to see if he'd like it. I bought Nilla Wafers and Cinnamon Teddy Grahams that day and man, oh, man! Does he like the Nilla Wafers!! He ate 2 wafers and 2 Teddy Grahams that day. That night he ate half a container of apple-pear-bananas along with 2 Nilla Wafers. I'm sure y'all think I'm crazy for being excited about him eating something so little but I want him to gain weight. He was just under 17 at his 9 month check up- he's a lean baby. 

Watching Tangled

Reading with Daddy

Is it time for Christmas yet?

Watching the birds and leaves

Trying to get snuggled up into his magic pillow


Wanting to be held

What doesn't belong?

Auggie's first pop tart

Finally eating!

On a short walk during the middle of the day

All excited about the wind

watching the leaves swirl around on the ground

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Photos Make Me One Happy Momma!

Last week we were able to schedule a photo session with one of the mom's I met through the Moms & Tots meetup.com group. Kassi has her own Facebook Page too- Kassi's Kandids Photography! She did the 3 photos above. I am very excited to have our own portraits done! It was a nice and quick shoot but it was way too hot to be out any longer. I am very very excited about seeing the rest of them!

Auggie has been trucking along.... nothing too new with him. He's crawling all over the place. I've been letting him out of the living room a lot more lately. I guess, I shouldn't have to worry about what he gets in to. We only try to keep him out of the bathroom and kitchen now.

Friday I did my first maternity photo session. It went well! She actually had her little boy yesterday afternoon! We'll hopefully be doing a newborn session in the next couple of weeks. *gasp* that means I need to find props! ;) and quickly! It'll be my first newborn session, too! I'm excited about that too.

Since last week, Tim and I have been attempting to eat healthier. I'm not sure if healthier is the correct word but we've been "blending" one meal a day. Our blended meals are mostly veggies with a little bit of fruit to add some sweetness to the drink. The first one we tried (kale and mango) was my favorite. We've tried green apple-kale-spinach-grapes, green apple-lime-orange-kale, and blueberry-green apple-kale combinations. I'm ready for the kale and mango blend again. The blends have made great breakfasts. I'm not sure about Tim, but it keeps me full until 11 or so. I'm pretty sure we won't be able to keep up eating this much produce because it's expensive! It's a lot more than what we're used to spending a month which is disappointing because I've enjoyed them.

I do know we'll be eating healthier for the rest of the year, though. I don't think I posted it on here but Tim will be having knee surgery in October. Great, huh? He tore his ACL while at rugby practice last month. We're both disappointed (mostly because of the cost aspect) but with the surgery Tim will be able to get back into running and playing sports. The other option was just letting it heal on its own- which would leave his knee not as strong as he'd like. We just need to get to November! September is when we get both of Auggie's BAHAs... and then October is Tim's surgery.... and then November will be Auggie's birthday party and Thanksgiving... and then December is Christmas! Holy cow! It seems like we could just fly right through to January!

I'll have more pictures for you on Thursday...

Later Days!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Thursday

Not much is new so I'll just add some photos for today.

Big yawn after a nice long nap

Caught him in the act! He keeps trying to take off his BAHA


Hello there!

Taking a look out his window

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is it cold yet??

I wished for Spring and Summer to get here so much after Auggie was born... I wanted it to be warm; I didn't want the Hellmouth to open up! (enter, Buffy reference here)

I am so ready for some cooler weather! I guess the good thing about it being hot and dry is: No mosquitos! That's definitely a plus when we go outside. But it's too darn hot to even be outside to enjoy the outdoors.

The weekend went well. We were able to hang out with our friends Jamie, Kevin & Colin a couple times. Colin turns 6 months this week. He is such a cute little boy! He's so smiley and completely different than Auggie. He actually has rubber band wrists and ankles- adorable!! 

I don't know if I've posted about it before but Auggie has started clapping his hands together. It's not when he's happy or sad but he'll do it whenever he wants. He has also started recognizing the sign for "milk." He doesn't sign it back but he knows what we mean when we sign it. He'll get excited or if he's really hungry, he'll get fussy. I'm glad we're getting through to him!


Auggie took Colin's toy

Auggie loves to chew on shoelaces

Colin enjoyed watching Scout but Auggie wasn't too happy


There's a cute smile!


Clap your hands.. say YEA!!

"What is he doing?"