Saturday, March 12, 2011

52 Fridays- Felt Rosette

Sorry this one is late! I couldn't find the photos of the cards I wanted to show off yesterday.

So I have this shirt that I bought from Kohl's a couple years ago and it's perfect! It's a dark teal... you know how I am about that color! The sleeves are short but longer than the usual girly tops. And then the shirt is long! I love long shirts!

So imagine my disappointment when I pull it out of the closet one day and there's a hole right in the middle of the shirt!!

Lately, the shirt has made it to the front of our closet and I want to wear it oh so bad. I've worn it a couple times with the hole but I'm always conscious of if the hole is showing.

I've seen a new trend: fabric flowers! They are so cute and there are so many different ways to do them. I would love to decorate part of the shirt with some flowers to cover the hole.

Tidy Mom:
Prudent Baby:
Prudent Baby:
So this afternoon I made the first rosette. It's a little too bulky for my shirt but it could make a cute headband!

Unfortunately, black felt is the only material I have that would make a rosette and I didn't think it would photograph that bad! But here is my rosette! It was really easy to make and I used the tutorial over on Tidy Mom to make it!

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