Thursday, March 10, 2011

You're Taking It So Well....

... Well how are we supposed to take it?

Crying all the time?

Not asking questions?

Not researching in our spare time?

Not living our life?

We're doing what we can to try to live our life like its supposed to be lived with a 4 month old. We may not be able to go out, meet friends and family or even do every day grocery shopping but we're dealing with it. We get out separately and sometimes together. The weather has been nice so we've been able to take walks (Thank goodness College Station has a nice parks system!). We have been taking advantage of being able to spend all this time with Auggie, especially me. Not many families are able to have a stay-at-home parent now.

It just gets tiring (at least from my end) to hear how well we're dealing with Auggie's procedures and doctor visits. I don't know how people wouldn't be able to handle this situation. Tim's my rock and the go-to guy for all the questions but do people just not handle these situations? Of course, Tim understands all the anatomy lingo (mastoid, mandible, cochlea, microatresia, etc) because of his experience with animal biology and I can understand most things through context clues and visual cues.. but what do people do when they don't understand? Is that when they don't "take it so well"? If I didn't understand things, I know I'd be lost but that would motivate me to research what Auggie is going through. I'm sure that would even help deal with the news of a syndrome.

I have my moments where I don't "take it so well" and I feel terrible for even thinking things are bad because things can be so much worse.  I feel like I don't "take it so well" the majority of the time so I guess its a little comforting to be told we "take it so well." But not comforting enough to make me feel better.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

Shoving the teething ring in his mouth

Yummy hands
Sitting in his Bumbo before bed

Wednesday was an awesome day.

Well, if you don't count Tim's sleepless night and my 3 hour sleep before we left for Austin at 3:45 am. We were supposed to try to keep Auggie awake. He was wide awake when we left College Station but he loves car rides so he didn't last too long. He was in a deep sleep when we got to Dell Children's around 5:40. He was dead weight when we tried picking him up and getting him awake. It didn't happen.

Auggie woke up on his own around 7. He was such a happy baby! We were glad because he wasn't allowed to eat anything. The 3 hours before his bronchoscopy were brought to our minds when we were told he wasn't able to eat anything after 4:30- he cried so much because he was hungry.. and there wasn't a thing we could do for him. But yesterday was a completely different story. A little boy named Eli was there for a procedure and Auggie just loved seeing him. Eli played peek-a-boo with him for a little bit. It was the first time we saw Auggie light up immediately to someone. Eli was so cute!

Once we were called back, Auggie was dressed in his hospital gown and shortly after fell asleep. He was so mad when we woke him up to administer the oral sedation. He fell asleep within 5 or 10 minutes and then they started his test.

The hearing test was pretty quick. They attached 3 sensors (one behind each ear on that hard bone- the mastoid- and one just above his forehead) and then they placed a metal headband with a hearing aid on his head.  The hearing aid emitted noises at different decibels to test his nerve function.

The audiologist was able to give us his results when his test was over.

He has enough nerve function to have a BAHA! 

I teared up just knowing Auggie will soon be hearing our voices for the time (properly). Now we just need to make an appointment with Auggie's ENT specialist to go ver the results, measure his head and order his BAHA. Yes! 
Tim and Auggie waiting for his hearing test to begin
Auggie and I waiting for his hearing test to begin
Notice.. he's sleeping.
After his hearing test was over. He was groggy but he still ate like a champ!
Sleeping just like Daddy

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  1. Glad you posted about everything. It's good to get it all out. So glad to hear about Auggie getting the BAHA too!!! Can't wait to hear in person or 'hear' on here how things go! :)


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