Thursday, April 7, 2011


So sorry I didn't post on Tuesday!

Auggie's terrible sleep habits have finally caught up to us. I dont know how they hadn't caught up to Tim before this week! Tuesday and Wednesday nights offered some relief but the days were more stressful than others. Auggie has been screaming at night before he even opens his eyes. At times it was so bad we just had to lay him down, close his door and our door and walk away. We could still here him scream through both doors! Hopefully we're coming to an end of this phase. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We've got a lot planned in the next few days so Tuesday's post should be full of pictures and some more of Auggie's firsts! I am really excited about this weekend.

Playing in his PJ's
March 22

He rolled over to play with his snail
March 28

He was even facing the opposite way before I turned my back!
March 28

Bath time with Gramma! He liked playing with the toy
March 29

Happy baby after bath time!
March 29

He loves to have his hair washed especially how Gramma does it!
March 19

Sitting up with a little support from his Bumbo
March 30

Leaning a bit forward.. he likes to grab for toys!
March 29

Daddy playing with his tummy
March 29

March 29

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  1. He looks SO grown up in these pictures!!! I can't get over how much he's changed since the last ones you've posted. He also looks as if he's now got more hair than Daddy. (Sorry, Tim.) :) What a handsome fella. Here's hoping he's sleeping well soon. Can't WAIT to see you guys on Saturday!!!


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