Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun but short weekend

Hope everyone's weekend treated them well... Tim & I had a great Saturday in Dallas.  My friend, Jamie, had a baby shower (she's due at the end of February) and I figured it was a good time to see our Dallas friends. While I was at the shower, Tim went out with Kevin, Marco, Karl, and Big Tim (and possibly other guys). I loved what I gave to Jamie. I really hope she liked it, too... but not too much to not take it apart! (Friday, I'll post a little how to)
The diaper cake topper
While we were there, Jamie & Kevin gave us what they had gotten Auggie- an Australia Wallabies onesie! I'll be getting better pictures later this week- I'll have to do laundry since Auggie spit up right after Tim put the outfit on him. When Tim showed me the onesie, I was excited about the front (with the Wallabies logo) and then he showed me the back! I was super excited about that! I'll have to get pictures of Tim in his Wallabies jersey holding Auggie. Thanks Jamie & Kevin!!
The back of the onesie
Tim playing with Auggie on his play mat
It was so nice doing dinner with Blair, Reagan, Karl, Marco, Jamie, Kevin, Matt & Angela while we were there. It is definitely one thing I miss about most of us being in Nacogdoches. It'll be nice once Jamie has Colin- Colin, Auggie & Reagan will be able to play together at SFA's Alumni game each year! If the stars align themselves correctly, Colin might be exactly 3 months younger than Auggie. Auggie is exactly 3 months younger than Reagan. CUTE!

My mom babysat Auggie while we spent the day in Dallas. She said he did great! She was able to take a couple nice pictures with her new iPhone4 (yea, I know! My mom has an iPhone4). She has another picture of him sticking out his tongue that I'll get from her and I'll post it on Thursday.
He looks as if he's worried we left him with Gramma! ;)
Sleeping great for Gramma!
Sunday was a lazy day for us. My mom and I went to Toys R' Us and Michael's to do a little shopping but since the weather was nasty, we didn't stay out too long.
Monday morning we had an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) representative come out to get Auggie set up for his weekly weight checks. ECI sounds like a great program. They have different therapists available for home visits to help kids under 3 years old. From what she was saying, ECI will help him with speech and other areas needed until he's 3 and then prep him for the transition into school. It sounds like a great program!

So that was our weekend. Going back to Saturday- I have finally gotten the push I need to get Honeybee Creations up and running... at least the craft side of it. At Jamie's baby shower, one of the girls asked if I had a business card. I could have kicked myself after that! So now, I am in the process of making an Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/HBeeCreations) and I will be doing business cards shortly after it is running. I'll be putting my handmade cards (like these) and some graphic design work (like announcements, invitations, etc) up soon. I'll make an announcement when that is all done.

I'll post some more on Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

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