Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Uneventful Weekend Recap

Our weekend went well! Not too much happened. Saturday, Tim went to Giddings to duck hunt with Jacob and Sherwin. Jacob shot his first duck- I'm sure he was super excited! Tim also helped process a couple of deer since Sherwin had processed the ones Billy gave us.
Jacob with his first duck!
Auggie & I had a great day. He was up quite a bit but was really good. We hung out at the house while Tim was out. I'm pretty sure the morning was spent with both of us sleeping on and off. :)
January 7- Auggie sleeping in his vibrating chair, again
Monday, Auggie had his 2 month check up. He weighed 10 pounds, 6 ounces and was 23 inches long! We were both surprised he grew 1.5 inches in 2 weeks! We weren't so surprised about his weight, though (he's been eating like a champ! 25-29 ounces a day!). He was given 3 shots and an oral vaccine. He cried for a minute or two after they were given and then he was asleep before we got in the elevator. His doctor said he could be really fussy for the next day or so and run a fever but so far things have been going well. He has been a little fussy but once we stand him up and bounce him, he'd calm down. Man, does he love to stand up and bounce?! We're going to have to get him a bouncer soon!

So on Thursday, I'll have his 2 month pictures taken, edited and posted. The past couple of days have been really cloudy in College Station and that means our house was pretty dark. I love using natural light in his pictures so he's not blinded by a light bulb. :)

So until then!

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