Thursday, January 20, 2011

We have the BEST baby in the world...

... Yes- I think we honestly do have the best baby! He has been SO good the past few days.

I woke up to him sleeping so well on Tuesday and he's been getting more and more active. Wednesday evening he was really vocal. It's nice to see that he starting to hit his milestones.
Sleeping so well!

Tuesday was a fun day- at least for me it was. I got 3 packages in the mail! 1 was a big surprise from my aunt in Florida. She sent me a pair of earrings and a bracelet. SO pretty! It reminds me a lot of my boss, Liz, from Campus Rec.
I also received my first photo prop- a Christmas tutu!! I won a discount during a game held by T&T Treasures on Facebook.. I heard a couple jokes about Auggie wearing a tutu. Sadly, I was really tempted to see what it looked like on a baby when I got it! lol. Don't worry, I didn't put it on Auggie! I told my sister, Jamie, that she better be having a little girl so she can have some awesome tutu pictures for Christmas! [[Oh, yea... Jamie is pregnant! I don't know how I didn't spill the beans on that one!]]
Tutu by T&T Treasures
 I also received the last part of my Christmas present- a custom return address stamp! I love it! Obviously, the wording is different on ours. I bought it on etsy at lovetocreatestamps. I'll definitely be going back once I get my Honeybee Creations logo all worked out.
Return address stamp
and speaking of Etsy! I started my own shop! It's called HBeeCreations. There are only a few items up now but once I am done with these wedding invitations, I'll be posting some cute things! Maybe something even Valentine's Day inspired!

Wednesday was a sleepy day for both Auggie & me. I think we napped in the recliner until 1. I knew I had to get my butt up to work on stuff before Tim got home.

Check back tomorrow for my diaper cake tutorial on My 52 Fridays! YES! I came up with a new (and better) name for my Fridays! ;)


  1. If you had a girl, I was totally planning to make you a tutu for her. What's at the top of it? Is that just a waistband or is that like a dress top thing?
    That address stamp is super cute! I'm totally going to check it out and see about getting one after we move, if they're not too expensive

  2. The red band at the top is a stretchy waist band so it'll fit up to like an 18 month old. It also came with a cute and simple bow.
    The address stamps aren't too expensive. There are some cheaper ones but I wanted mine on a wooden handle and I really liked the design. There are tons of Etsy shops that make them

  3. Auggie IS the best baby. I can't wait to see him again...and you guys too of course. :)


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