Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hope 2011 is treating you well!

AS I’m sure most of you know, our New Year was celebrated quietly. Tim & I were listening to Pandora radio as I baked cookies. Yes, I decided to start baking chocolate chip cookies at 12 am. It was a great idea until I realized, Tim had used the last of the eggs to make our stir fry dinner! So at 12:10 am, I was headed to Wal Mart to buy a carton of eggs to start baking. We didn’t go to bed til 3 am, but if any of you have had an almost 2 month old, it’s not that hard being up that late.
After taking a bath for the second time onSunday... Auggie was ready to be in some clothes! 01/02/11
My mom came over New Year’s Day to hang out for a bit. She couldn’t stay long but it was nice having her over for a few hours. That evening, Jane & Sherwin came over with Jacob. They brought along a new keyboard! They gave us one for Christmas but it didn’t work so they returned it. You know how Tim loves to sing! He enjoys playing the piano so I’m sure we’ll be listening to quite a lot of piano soon.

Tim went hunting Sunday morning. His 2010 deer season didn’t end well… well, the whole season didn’t go well. We’re so thankful for Billy who gave us 2 deer he shot.

Auggie's photo to join Drake, Nathan & Cole's pictures in Gramma's picture frames. 12/30/10

Sunday night and Monday were my first full night and day to watch Auggie. Since Tim started work again, I got up with Auggie until his 7 am feeding. Tim got up for Auggie’s 7 am feeding and hung out with him until he went to work for the day. Monday was a really good day! I’m sure it helped that he slept the whole day.
Auggie loves to stand up already! He enjoys being out and standing on someone's lap or tummy in this case.  12/31/10

Tuesday, my mom came back to stay for a couple days. It has been great hanging out with my mom. I can’t wait til we’re able to do it again! She’ll be leaving sometime today. Tim & I went to a Japanese sushi and steak place called Haiku. I finally got to eat sushi! YUMMY! We thought about going to a movie but there weren’t any that started between 8 and 9 pm. I didn’t want to lose sleep over the movie so we decided not to. My mom took care of Auggie through the night so Tim & I could both get some sleep. I ended up waking up three times anyway. (I don’t know what was with me). Auggie was up for the majority of Tuesday, which was not so surprising since he slept the majority of Monday. He got really cranky right around 9 but it was because he had been up all day! He was pooped! He didn’t even wake up for his 1-2 am feeding! I’m sure my mom enjoyed that!

Auggie can hold his head up really well. He gets stronger every day! We'll have to buy a exersaucer soon! 12/31/10

Wednesday was another good day! My mom almost got Auggie to SMILE! He picked up the corners of his mouth and they were almost there! I am SO ready for him to smile. Hopefully in the next couple of days. Auggie was also 8 weeks old on Wednesday! I’ll be doing his picture some time between now and Monday- when he’s officially 2 months old. 

Tim & I went for a 3 mile (ish) walk on Tuesday. There's a park near us called Brother's Pond Park that has a nice walking trail, pond, basketball court, field for various sports and a playground. While we were walking through the wooded area near the pond, we saw a Barred Owl. We used to hear a pair call back and forth when we lived in Nacogdoches on Pearl St. It was cool seeing it in the middle of town. I had actually heard one around 2 am Monday morning.

I surprised him with a flash from the camera. Ooops- Mom forgot to put the diffuser on! 12/31/10
So that’s been our week… It has been pretty uneventful but thanks for following the blog! Auggie has his 2 month check up on Monday so we’ll see how he does with his shots! I know he’ll do great since he’s had quite a few in the past 2 months.

We don't have enough Auggie- Daddy pictures on here! 12/31/10
Come back tomorrow for some Crafty Friday (yea, yea, I’m still trying to come up with a cuter name! Have any ideas?). Something pink and purple is in store for ya!

Or check back on Tuesday for Auggie’s visit to the doctor!


  1. How about Friday Fun Crafts, or Super Happy Friday Craft Pants, or Friday Fun Fixing Funfetti For Five Fijian Five Year Olds......I like alliteration!!

  2. Aw Auggie has really pretty eyes! Are they blue? Also, I know you're a mother but it just seems weird to me that someone will eventually be calling you "Mom"... idk I'm weird

  3. Lol- I know, right?? It'll definitely take some getting used to!
    Auggie's are a really dark blue. I was hoping they'd turn green but I guess not.


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