Friday, January 7, 2011

Crafty Friday- Girly Square Frames

One of my New Year Resolutions is to use my creativity in at least one project a week. I would love to do a "365 Crafts" project but I'm sure between getting Honeybee Creations started and Auggie, I'll be pretty busy... So I'm going to do a "52 Crafts" project for 2011. Maybe for 2012, I can do the "365 Crafts" project.

Before I start, sorry for the terrrrrrrrible iPhone pics... I have yet to be impressed by the camera on it... I'm sure in the perfect situation, iPhone pics are awesome.

So my niece's birthday was this week (Tuesday) and while my mom was in town, she found black frames that she's been looking for since last Christmas (I've been looking for them too!). Well, she found the frames but they came in a 3 pack with pink and purple frames, too.... Trust me, my mom's not a pink and purple frames lady.

Laci is a pink and purple frames little girl, though!


Purple Frame Before

Pink Frame Before


Hot glued white bow and silver gems onto frame

Hot glued "Laci" and 3 butterflies

Hot glued pink gems

Hot glued heart bouquet, pink gem and "fun"

Look at what just a few gems, letters and stickers can do to dress up these cute little frames from Target. 
Hope you enjoyed looking at what I created this week!

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  1. Laci absolutely LOVES her frames. She has them in the living room so "everyone" who comes to the house can see them. Thank you so much they are beautiful.


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