Thursday, January 13, 2011

THURSDAY already?!?!?

Where have the weeks been going? I can't believe it is already Thursday!
Not much has gone on since the Tuesday post.
Tim went duck hunting early Wednesday morning- leaving me in a sleepy stupor with Auggie hungry.... (that was the reason for my anti-Tim Facebook update) ;) Tim was able to shoot a Teal drake... or a drake Teal... well, whatever the order, it was a male duck.
Tim posing with the Teal
Look at the pretty green on it's wing!
I've been working on wedding invitations for friends that are getting married in June and also trying to get Auggie to like being photographed! The second one is a challenge. lol
So here are the pictures Auggie allowed me to take before he got too cranky... Enjoy!
"I'm okay for now, Mom"

"Yeaaa.. I don't think so"
"No, Mom... I'm not a fan of teal like you are!"
"Just get it out of my face"
"I'm getting uncomfortable in this tie"

Taken with my iPhone and edited through an App on there...
After Auggie calmed down a bit
 So the pictures weren't going as planned so I resorted to feet and hands!

Hope you enjoy his pictures. I keep telling myself, once he gets a little older, he'll be more cooperative!
Come back tomorrow for "Crafty Friday!"


  1. I gotta remember to check here more often. After seeing the elephant 'baby whisperer' moment on Facebook I was waiting to see the 2 month pics. Never occurred to me to check on here. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tie onesie! ADORABLE!!!! He's getting so big. I sent an e-mail to my sisters and mom to remind 'em to check here too. It's a good way to keep up with Auggie as he's growing! Have a good week!

  2. My Facebook automatically posts a link to the blog Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8 am. If I remember, I try to repost the link in the afternoon when more people are on :)


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