Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pregnancy Brain? Oh wait, I'm not pregnant anymore!

I apologize for not having a post on Friday. I usually do my "52 Fridays" post some time during the week before it is posted and some how, I thought last Friday was the 28. Don't ask me why I thought it was the 28- I even have a baby shower to go to on the 29 so I knew when it was... at least I thought I did. So to make up for my late on-set pregnancy brain, I will have a double dose for you on Friday!

Late on-set pregnancy brain... hmm.. It has a ring to it. I guess it could be called Mommy brain, too? I never had trouble remembering stuff while I was pregnant (at least not more than usual) so it just amazes me how bad it has gotten since Auggie has been born. I'll go to transfer Auggie's milk from a bottle to a bag but sometimes forget about putting it in the fridge! I've been meaning to call the Milk Bank in Austin to get a blood test done so I can finally donate the milk that is taking up our freezer but I again, keep forgetting. I like making lists, so I should probably start keeping Post Its lists around my desk to keep things straight. ;)

Things are going by.... well, pretty fast, boring and uneventful. I should be thankful for that! Friday and Saturday, the THREE (!!) of us spent our time in Giddings. It was Auggie's first night away from home since we brought him home. Tim wanted to go duck hunting with Sherwin and Jacob one last time this season. They brought home a few ducks. We spent all of Saturday in Giddings. Auggie was able to meet Grandma K and Uncle Darryl for the first time. I am so ready for him to meet everyone! Maybe Eater will be a good time.
One of the ducks had a club foot (the one on the left is club)
Jacob with the ducks of the day

Sunday was another lazy day for us. Tim was supposed to go play rugby Sunday evening but they're unorganized. One of the guys decided to get together 30 minutes before the set time. Who does that? Especially if you're trying to get guys interested in playing rugby in College Station.

Monday, the THREE (!!) of us went to Wal Mart to go shopping. I think all we had in the fridge was condiments and some fruit cups... it was definitely a sad sight. We were going to go around midnight Monday morning but since Auggie was sleeping so well, we waited for the afternoon. It's sad that we wanted to go when no one was around so we could take Auggie. I know, I know, 5 p.m. on a Monday evening is not the time to go when you don't want your little one around people but it was the first time Auggie has been out in public. 

Like I said before, I forget things... and I've been meaning to post about Grey's Anatomy. The episode that was on Thursday, January 13 featured a patient with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Stefany T. messaged me through Facebook that night telling me about it. (Our antennae doesn't get ABC so I have to watch it on Fridays). My first reaction was "WTH??? It seems to be popping up everywhere!" I just don't get how you can go your whole life not hearing about something and then once it affects your life, you hear about it so much more often. I found a couple sites that explain TCS better than I would- I focus on certain things and often don't explain how it develops. www.diseaseaday.com and the oh-so-relaible www.abc.com. Never thought you'd go to ABC to learn about something, did you? I also found the episode of Grey's from 2 weeks ago. The TCS patient is at 9:30 to (approx.) 10:15

I'll post more pictures of Auggie on Thursday- I haven't uploaded any new ones since last week. Auggie has been doing great! He's starting to keep his hands open a lot more through out the day and he's been more vocal recently, too. He'll have his last RSV vaccination later today. I guess we'll have to see next Fall if he'll need to be careful around germs. He is such a trooper when it comes to getting poked and prodded so I'm sure we won't have a problem. Last night, he slept after he ate at 10 p.m. until 3 a.m! I was surprised about what time it was when I woke up. Maybe that's a sign that he'll be sleeping longer at night. Here's to hoping!
Auggie has changed so much!
Auggie holding onto the Mommy Necklace
He was so comfy laying on my shoulder like this... too bad it is a terrible position for breathing for him!

So until Thursday....

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