Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going Over and Going Under

Auggie is becoming a skilled crawler! He's able to crawl over my legs and attempt to crawl over my body when I'm laying on the floor. When he gets to edge of the carpet (where the linoleum begins), he starts bear crawling. We have a small rug over the edges since there's an Ethernet cord running into the living room and I always tripped over it. I guess, Auggie doesn't like the feel of the rug because he stops bear crawling and then crawls normally on the linoleum.

Sunday, he began trying to crawl under things. He crawled under MawMaw and PawPaw's coffee table.  Monday, he crawled under our coffee table and his exersaucer. By the end of the day, I think he learned to keep his head down at certain points when he's under the coffee table. 

Auggie's teeth have really been bothering him lately. Or, well, I should say his gums have been bothering him because he still hasn't had a tooth come through. It just makes me wonder, have they not come through because of the Treacher-Collins or are they just taking their sweet (but painful) time.  Tim and I feel so bad for him when he's really fussy because his gums are bothering him. 

Under his exersaucer trying to see Aussie and Charley

Chewing on his fishie

Getting upset because he couldn't get out from under the table

Auggie waiting ever so impatiently on Tim putting the batteries in his toy
Our Fourth of July was just another day. We didn't do anything. I was tired all day (I didn't fall asleep until 3 am and even then it was a horrible sleep!) and Auggie wasn't exactly in the best of moods. The city of College Station was putting on a laser light show at the Amphitheater and the George Bush Library. We would have gone but Auggie's bed time was before the events started. I'm sure they were good but 4th of July is nothing without fireworks... Okay- it is something- we get to celebrate our freedom and honor the people who help keep us free but you know what I mean. Fireworks are a tradition I hated growing up but now love them.

Auggie got to wear his 4th of July onesie for most of the day... and it actually said "MY 1st 4th of July!" For some reason it is so hard to find first outfits that say "My 1st..." Most of them say "Baby's 1st..." I don't know why it drives me nuts but it does.. Thank you Wal Mart for your $3 onesie! He'll probably wear it again later today. 

A Fire Wheel came up in the front flower bed just in time for the holiday!
We went to Giddings on Saturday to celebrate the baptism of Joseph Cole Kalbas. He was absolutely adorable! I was so glad we were able to attend their celebration!

 After the baptism celebration, we hung out for the day since everyone was in town. It was a nice day to be outside with everyone!

Auggie on a toy Tim rode when he was younger

Cohen playing in Rick's boots
MawMaw and PawPaw set up a slip-n-slide and a pool for all the little ones. It looked like they enjoyed it!





Tim spraying the kids

Girls Night Out toes!

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July! Until Thursday!

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  1. The first few years are toughest for going out because of their schedules. I missed the fireworks too. PBS had some but it wasn't the same. We're gonna go pyro-crazy at new years to make up for it. :) Love Auggie's onesie and his ability to sleep anywhere...and the fact that Tim doesn't seem to change his shirt in 7 months. :)


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