Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's not a matter of wondering any more...

...Auggie is definitely teething and I found proof! It's not just the drooling and chewing on everything, either. On Friday, he stuck my finger in his mouth and chomped down and I could feel a tooth! I was (and still am) so excited! Now it's not us thinking he's teething and not feeling or seeing anything. So at 8.5 months old, Auggie had his first tooth pop through. And it's not even in the spot I thought it would come up in. It's on the top left part of his gums. I always thought it would be on the bottom right side since there has been a little white dot there for a few months. But nope- I was wrong!

Other than the new tooth, things are going well. He's getting faster at crawling towards anything that catches his eyes. He's also getting better at letting himself down from the table or chair. I'm sure he'll be up to steps soon!

I'll leave you with some pictures and a couple videos from Facebook. Until Thursday!

You can really see how much Auggie's hair has grown

Smiling at Daddy

Playing with Daddy before bed time

You can see him running his tongue along his gum

Sleepy Baby

Monday at Mainly Music during snack time

Nap time after Mainly Music

"One Little Lady Bug all alone..."

Playing with the mirror in the water after Mainly Music last Thursday

Auggie really liked this little water pad

Auggie in the water

Helping Mommy procrastinate

Sleepy time! 
Spinning eggs under his exersaucer

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  1. I love that green dog that sings his name! How cute! Where did you get that?
    Yay for teeth!!
    And I like Tim's comments about Kelsey being a "hip" name when you were born! haha


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