Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Texty Thursday

Our days are flying by.

Auggie will be 8 months on Sunday. I can't believe it! Can you? I feel like it was just yesterday we were taking him home from Dell! I guess time flies when you're having fun? I wouldn't say that's exactly what has been going on... It has been nice but not exactly fun. The days are just going by way too quickly.

I've been thinking about Auggie's first birthday party. When/if we start planning for more children, I will not be having any of children born during cold/flu season OR during deer season! With Auggie's birthday being so close to Thanksgiving and Deer Season, we're definitely limited on the weekends we can have it. I'm sure it will be the 12 or 19 since Tim works the first weekend (Opening Weekend) and then Thanksgiving weekend is the 26. But enough of his party... I'll deal with the details because I'm sure you aren't interested in what I'm planning.

Auggie has been doing well. He had his last speech therapy appointment with Mandy. She will be missed. Tim and I really liked working with her. I hope the next therapist is just as nice. It was the first time I noticed Auggie acting a little shy. He sat there and just looked at Mandy and her assistant instead of crawling around and playing with his toys. He eventually warmed up to them but I thought it was funny seeing him react that way. Mandy said we need to work on his babbling. Seeing videos of Reagan, Liam, Colin and Delaney really show how Auggie's sounds aren't quite like theirs. I know, every baby develops at different rates but still, speech is a big thing. Otherwise, developmentally, he's doing great!

We're looking into getting a gate to block off access to the dining room, bedrooms and kitchen. I feel bad keeping him from other areas of the house but I'd be constantly chasing him out of the dining room and kitchen if we didn't have a gate. Auggie has perfected crawling in less than a month. WOW! He's quick! He's gotten a lot more confident when he pulls up on tables and chairs. I'm just ready for him to not let go and lean like someone is going to catch him all the time! But then again, I'm not ready because that means, he'll be closer to walking... and then we'll be in big trouble!

There was some good news I shared on Facebook last week but never put on here. We finally made a break through with our insurance and Auggie's ENT. Auggie is getting his BAHA! Or should I say BAHAs!! Tim called our insurance to see if there really was anything he could do since the ENT office kept telling us we couldn't do anything but wait for them. Of course, Tim heard an answer right away and that next week, we heard the answer from the doctor's office! Figures, huh? Well, then the nurse told us there might be a new model coming out in July so we could probably wait until that one came out so Auggie wasn't wearing an older model. Then we heard we needed a new referral from Auggie's pediatrician since the ENT office change hospital affiliations. So now we're just waiting on the referral! We'll make an appointment to measure Auggie's head. The office said we could do it but they needed exact numbers since we'll order TWO BAHAs for him.

I keep emphasizing the TWO BAHAs for a reason. If the nerves in both ears work correctly, wearing TWO BAHAs will mean he'll have directional hearing! YAY! It'd be great to see him look at us without looking around to see where we are first!

So now we're just waiting... again.

"Look at ma belly!!"
July 5

He still loves the giraffe
July 6

Deep in thought
July 6

Trying out lunch in the exersaucer
July 7


  1. LOVE the belly shot. :) Glad also about the 2 BAHA news. I didn't realize it would be such an advantage for him. God is good!

  2. Kelsey, he's really starting to grow into his features! I love it! How are u supposed to work on his babbling? Did they give u suggestions?

  3. Jamie- we're supposed to really focus on t, n, d, g and similar sounds and try to get him to imitate our noises/faces. The speech therapist said those sounds (since the tongue goes to the roof of the mouth instead of staying down) might be easier for him since his jaw is small. We'll be working on it and we'll see how it goes. The 8-10 month mark is what they're worried about if he wasnt babbling.. And now it's that time. "/ tim keeps telling me since he got his BAHA so late, we should expect him to be a little behind so I guess it's just me being a mother hen


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