Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fussy Days

No.. I'm not talking about me.

Auggie's teeth have really been bothering him. That has pretty much been the story of the last couple of days. I wish something would help... We've tried

  • ice
  • frozen toys/pacis/teethers
  • frozen fruit/veggies
  • orajel
  • unfrozen toys
  • the mesh teethers where you put fruit or ice in them
Nothing seems to do the trick. Poor little guy! 

Tuesday night, Tim watched Auggie while I went out with the Moms' group! I had a great time! We're definitely going to have to do them more often and hopefully get everyone out! 

The Girls
JoAnna, Kristy and Me
We went to Tim's rugby practice Wednesday night just to get out of the house. I also needed to walk some.. my right foot has been hurting for about 2 weeks now and resting it doesn't seem to be helping. I walked about half a mile with Auggie in the stroller. He enjoyed being outside. We sat on a blanket for awhile. I need to remember next time to bring a giant square blanket so Auggie can't see the dirt! He wanted the dirt, acorns, crushed leaves and everything but the blanket until I was able to steal his attention away from them. We sat under an oak tree, so you know how much stuff collects under there. Not to mention the ants. Not just fire ants but tree ants and then 2 other kinds of ant-looking insects. It was a good thing we went to practice, though. Tim tweaked his knee while trying to cut during a drill. Figures, huh? There wasn't even another guy involved! So hopefully, it hurts because he's been running three times a week along with rugby two times a week. That's all we need is a serious knee injury! 
Here are some pictures from Wednesday evening:

Amna has been tagging us in their wedding pictures on Facebook so I thought I'd share!

© Lauren Wright Photography
© Lauren Wright Photography
© Lauren Wright Photography
We're coming up on Auggie's 9 month pictures! Can't believe he'll be 9 months old in a few weeks! I gotta figure out what I'll be doing for them! 

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  1. We are coming to college station the weekend of Aug 12 so make sure yall are in town! Maybe we can do 6 month pictures for Colin!


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