Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day is Finally Here!

As you're reading this, Tim is probably just getting out of the hospital... hopefully. So this will be a super quick post (1. I'm tired and 2. I need to get Auggie's bag ready for the day... procrastinate much?)

Before I forget to announce it to everyone... Auggie took TWO steps Wednesday morning!! I was so happy I almost cried! He's getting so big way too fast!

Wednesday afternoon we went out to the Pumpkin Patch organized by the Texas A&M Habitat for Humanity. I took almost 300 pictures.. now, that doesn't mean all 300 are printable... I just had to take a lot to get a few smiles... or in Auggie's case, a couple smiles and a lot of wrinkly-nosed looks. But here are some of the photos from our hour or so with the pumpkins. I'll post more when I have the time to edit them next week... Enjoy!

I can flip back and forth between these 2 photos and it is SO cute!

Walking with Daddy

I liked how he's giving his best imitation of the Jack O'Lantern on his shirt

"HMMMM... I've never seen that kind before!"

preoccupied with the grass

this is the same face he gives us when he lays down in the bath tub

P.S. Sorry for the spacey post... ;)


  1. So excited about his first steps! Yay August!

  2. OMG He is getting so big!! I love the suspenders! And the little toothy grin. :)


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