Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If you're on Facebook, you already know... but we officially have a 

We are very happy Auggie started babbling with M's. And as you can tell, it sounds like "Mama." I know he's not saying my name and its just him getting used to being vocal but it makes me oh, so very happy to hear more than a squeal or "ga ga." I get a little teary-eyed every time he does it. We got an appointment with a speech therapist through ECI (early childhood intervention). I'm glad we were able to arrange that.
We also have an appointment with another therapist to help in between the speech therapy appointments. I'm hoping they'll meet Auggie and say he's doing great and we won't need to see them much. We'll see in November! It's hard to believe November is coming up so quickly! I don't even want to think about that... just yet.

We're still working on getting him to eat more "solids." I guess persistence pays off in the end? I hope so! So there's nothing new the "eating department." He has his good days and bad days. I think he ate great 4 days in a row and the minute we thought about going up to two times a day, he didn't want anything to do with food. Baby food, our food, finger food, mum mums, pinwheels, chocolate syrup, chips, Dr Pepper! You name it, we've tried it. If he likes it for a few days, the next, he could hate it. We'll just keep trying.

Our weekend went well. Friday night we had dinner with family. Kayla made burgers for all of us to eat. Melanie, Corey and the kids came over since they were in the area. We all had a great time in the duplex! There were 11 of us! See, no Siegmund get-together is small!

Saturday, Kayla and I met up with some of the moms I've met in the area to paint a Habitat for Humanity house. It was a great morning. I was so glad we were able to help out a family! That evening Sherwin and Jane came in and we all went to the Texas Reds Festival in downtown Bryan. It was nice to get out as a family. 

Sunday was a lazy day! It actually rained! and most of the day, too. It is only a slight relief from it being so dry, but hey, at least it was wet! 

Kayla gave Auggie some rootbeer while we were at the Texas Reds
Festival Saturday night. Combined with the powdered sugar
and cream sauce from dinner, I was surprised he went to bed easily!
 Here are a few photos from our trip to Ray and Molly's last week. After our tractor ride, Auggie got to sit in the driver's seat. He knew exactly what to do! He was really excited about it

We'll see if I can squeeze in a post before Tim gets into surgery on Thursday. We're all hoping it goes well but a little extra prayer couldn't hurt!

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