Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello October and Cool(er) Weather!!

Okay, highs of low 90s are cool, right?? It has felt amazing in the mornings in College Station the past couple of days. We have enjoyed it. Of course, I would enjoy it much more if my stuffy nose and cough were gone.

I've been counting down to Tim's surgery and we're in single digits now. I can't believe its almost here. 9 more days. I'm not too sure if I'll have time to post much those first couple of weeks after his surgery so it'll most likely be picture only posts. I'm not even 100% sure what time he has to be at the hospital! I guess I should figure that out, huh? I'm not too nervous about it (I mean, I'm not the one going under) but I am nervous about getting things done for him and actually having to be a housewife! Maybe I should wear a dress and pearls and an apron and address him as "Honey" or "Dear" when he comes home. I'll have snacks on a tray ready for him and serve him breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed....

HA! What am I envisioning!

Hopefully, Auggie doesn't want to be too close to him since he'll be using an exercising machine (I don't know what its called). I'm just praying everything (surgery and recovery) goes smoothly for Tim.

It seems like since Tim's walking days are numbered (at least for awhile), we're trying to squeeze in some family time. National Night Out, dinner with friends in Hearne, Texas Reds Festival, and a day at one of Tim's landowners' house. And then Tim will squeeze in some hunting while I get together with some of the moms from the group to help Habitat for Humanity and then have a mom's night out! Can't wait. The next 9 days will fly by!

And now on to the star of the blog- AUGGIE!

He's doing great! He's getting so big and more confident crawling and standing up. 1 month and 6 days until his birthday. His invitations are out in the mail (only a few remain behind because I didn't order enough.. oops!) and I have a few more things to buy for decorations. I've gone out twice this week to try to price things for decorations and food but Auggie hasn't been interested in sitting in his stroller or the basket in the cart. Its frustrating but I should have some time this weekend to do it by myself (hopefully).

Well the Augster is up and wanting to crawl around so I'll leave you with a couple pictures... sorry its not more.. I'll definitely have more for Thursday
All snuggled up in the living room

on our way to Katy for a family reunion
Kayla's and Darren's dogs are missing :(

2.5 month old Australian Shepherd at the Brazos Animal Shelter


  1. Hope everything goes smoothly with Tims surgery. That's crazy someone may have taken those dogs... That's awful...

  2. Indeed it is awful, hope it all worked out good.


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