Thursday, October 6, 2011

Squeezing in Family Outings!

Only one week left until Tim's surgery. I can't believe its been 3 months since he tore his ACL. Of course, its getting to be that time of year- pretty weather and lots of family related events around town.

We went to Edelweiss Gardens for "National Night Out" on Tuesday. Their HOA catered Rudy's BBQ for the night. It was nice getting out. A truck from the College Station Fire Department came by for the kids to visit. There weren't too many interested in it, though. I was surprised. Auggie was more interested in smiling at the firefighters! The ambulance pulled up after we were all walking back to our friends' house. Apparently, College Station had 47 parties set up for the event. It was nice. Too bad our neighborhood doesn't have something like that- oh wait, we probably wouldn't live in it then. Tim is not a fan of HOA's.

Wednesday morning, we drove out to Gause (about 30 minutes from College Station). Molly & Ray own some land out there and Tim has been helping them coordinate projects to clear their underbrush on their property. They haven't seen Auggie since April when we went to the Milam County Nature Festival so they were very happy to see him- well, Tim and I, too! We enjoyed a nice tractor ride around their property and relaxed the whole day with them. I really enjoyed going out there. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again soon.

He wouldn't look up at me but he loved to rock in the chair... until he scooted to far forward!

Molly and Auggie

Auggie loved being held by Molly
Here are some pictures from last weekend when we went to Giddings. We went to La Porte Friday night, went to Katy for a family reunion on Saturday and then headed to Giddings after to celebrate Sherwin's birthday! I should have had more pictures but my Canon wouldn't read any memory cards last week (I just about died). My dad looked at for.. what? 5 minutes? and it was working again! I LOVE my dad! 

Libby showing how strong she is on the rings

Laci swinging on the rings

I just loved this pictures but I caught someone's flash as
they took a picture, too. This is the best I could get it to look

MMMM... Icing!

PawPaw (Sherwin) and his grandkids
(Missing Jacob- he wasn't there- and Auggie- he was sleeping)

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