Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Weekend= One Happy Mommy!

I don't know how this weekend could have been any better! Have I said I can't wait til it gets warm? Warm weather will definitely improve these darned moods I've been in lately. The warm weather not only made me happy but it also meant Auggie got to venture outside! All you Facebook people got to hear about what we did so you'll have to bear with me.

Saturday was full of clear skies and rugby.. and a little bit of work for Tim. He used the morning to go out and meet a landowner. He was supposed to take Aussie & Charley to get their rabies shots in Bryan but his meeting took longer than he expected. We had Subway for lunch when he came back and then went to the A&M campus to watch a rugby game. It was Auggie's first rugby game and really, his first time to be outside for a while! We don't have a cap that is big enough to shade his head properly so we used a bucket hat (or booney hat, if you're Tim) from Jane & Sherwin. Auggie was not a fan of the hat.. and who could blame him, if it wasn't in the perfect spot, it covered his whole face. A&M was winning 38-13 when we left. They ended up scoring two more tries against Sam Houston before the end of the game. A&M was controlling the game but I wasn't too impressed with their play (and I hardly know much about rugby so you know what that means!). It seemed like they played down to Sam's level.

Tim holding Auggie at the Texas A&M v. Sam Houston game

Auggie ended up not liking his hat
He spent most of the game snuggled up close to Mommy
After the rugby game, we came home and watched some of the 7's tournament at Las Vegas on ABC. Then Stephanie, Tim's sister, came up to babysit Auggie for the evening. Tim & I went out to celebrate our sixth Valentine's Day together! It was a nice evening for just the two of us. We ate at Olive Garden and then went to see The King's Speech. It was a great movie. I would recommend it! I can see how it is nominated for a bunch of awards. I really enjoyed our date night and we both really appreciated Stephanie coming up just to babysit! Thank you, Stephanie!!

Sunday was an equally as nice. Tim spent most of it outside and started prepping a tree in the backyard for decimation. Eventually, Tim and someone else (hopefully) will be chopping it down. It has been wearing some of the shingles on our roof off.  Tim had rugby practice at 2 and I took Auggie for his first walk around 3. Stephanie was able to bring up Jessica’s stroller on Saturday. YAY! Thank you, Jessica!! Auggie's carseat fits right in the stroller which made it really easy to use! I took my usual route down to Brother's Pond Park and waited for rugby practice to be over to see Tim. Auggie slept the whole time we were walking- even on the really bumpy gravel. He is so good in his carseat... Man, I hope that doesn't change!

Sleeping with his elephant (one of many) 2/14

Monday was a normal day for Auggie and me. I tried to organize my craft supplies (since they're all over the place now) while Auggie slept. I didn't get very far because I want to do too many things at once- organize my craft supplies, do laundry, do the dishes, fold clothes, organize living room.... So things got half done. I need to make sure things get all the way done this afternoon! Tim came home from work with my Valentine's DAy gift- a poem! I love when he writes poems. I only have three or four but they're SO nice!! I gave him a card Saturday night. I'll have to post it later this week on 52 Fridays.

Auggie posing with the elephant Gramma sent him for Valentine's Day 2/10
We took Aussie & Charley for a walk. Auggie enjoyed the stroller ride again. He was up all the way down to the school and then slept for the rest of the way. While he was awake, he kept following the tree branches as we walked under them. I hope he grows up to enjoy nature just like Tim! We ended the night by watching Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and so many other recognizable actors. Emlie de Raven (from Lost & Roswell), Leelee Sobieski (Joy Ride), David Wenham (Lord of the Rings), Channing Tatum (She's the Man, Step Up) and a bunch of others had some small roles. I'd see actors I recognized and was like "huh, I didn't know they were in this!" It was an okay movie... nothing spectacular but it was entertaining. It continued our tradition of watching ooey gooey romantic movies on Valentine's Day... not! The first Valentine's Day movie we saw together was Smokin' Aces... definitely not a romantic movie!

Trying to eat the elephant's trunk 2/10
Trying to smile for the camera 2/10
So we'll see how the next couple of days go. I'm sure I'll be outside with Auggie on a couple more walks. I'm slowly starting to get out more and more and it seems to help me be optimistic... I am so tired of being a pessimist/unhappy. Thursday night I went out on a limb and met up with a mom and tots group I found through Meet Up.com. There's about two dozen moms on the group and they just started getting together. They have a few events planned for all the moms and kids to get together and I am really looking forward to getting the okay from Auggie's doctors so we can join in the festivities. Thursday night, I met with one of the moms, M, at Muldoon's (a coffee shop). She was really nice. I'm hoping we can be friends.. at least hang out on occasion. Hopefully the Meet Up group will lead to Tim & I meeting a few people to really get to know. Since Tim can get out and play rugby with the guys, I'll hopefully be able to get out with the mom's group and another group I found- College Station Crafters. I'll keep you updated.

Until Thursday!

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  1. I'm so glad that the stroller is getting some use! It's so good to get out too. We were home bound for about 2 months b/c Ben was so darn small. I can't imagine how it is for you. So, so glad you get to go out and about though. It makes a world of difference! :)


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