Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Cold AGAIN!

Have I said I'm ready for warmer weather? Oh, man! It's supposed to be 25 degrees at 8 a.m. this morning. I am ready for those really nice days when it's t shirt weather in the sun and jacket weather in the shade. I can only hope we'll have a lot of those nice in between days.

Tuesday was an alright day for me at least. Auggie was up all day and didn't really take a nap. He was good for the most part. :)  We had an appointment with a dietician from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). She was very happy with Auggie's eating habits. On the 5 day average, he's eating 26 ounces a day- which is right in line with the average baby (22-30 oz). She was impressed he didn't have any problems with a cleft lip or anything. She weighed and measured Auggie- 12.2 lbs and 23.75 inches long! He's moving on up! He's at the 25 percentile with his weight and in between the 25 and 50 percentile with height. The dietician will be back on March 1 just to make sure things are continuing to go well.

Wednesday was a good day. Auggie had slept for a straight 5 hours Tuesday night! We were surprised and we didn't even know he had slept through until he woke us up. Auggie napped throughout the day... nothing too long, of course. He wanted to be held most of the time- especially after our little photo shoot. I wasn't able to get anything done until Tim came home at 3. I was able to work on some cards while Tim played with Auggie.

While Auggie took one of his short naps, I took some photos of the birds that were hanging out in the backyard.

Fluffy Mourning Dove on the back fence
House Sparrow on a chair in the backyard

When Auggie woke up, I figured it was time to take his 3 month pictures... Maybe his 4 month pictures will be the good ones. I put him on his tummy to see if he'd smile once but he got really upset the moment I turned him over.

Starting out Auggie's photo shoot 
Just missed a smile 
Just looking at Mommy to see what she's doing
Tummy pictures are still a no go
And that was the end of our photo shoot
Auggie slept the rest of the day. Tim tried waking him up to keep him up so we weren't up with him for the whole night (I write these out Wednesday night so we'll see how it turns out!). He only woke up to eat. He also kind of woke up just to cry for a few seconds and then would fall back asleep.

Daddy & Auggie
Getting ready for the Super Bowl
Sporting my football shoes
So until next Tuesday! We'll see how this weekend goes!

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