Friday, February 4, 2011

52 Fridays- M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Thanks to this nasty cold weather, I didn't make it out to Hobby Lobby or Michael's this week. I have no desire to share the roads with college students who tend to freak out when we have bad weather.

I'll hopefully be making it out later today or maybe tomorrow. I have 10 (yes, 10!) card orders to mail out by next Thursday in time for Valentine's Day.

This week instead of cleaning around the house, I've been working on using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I got used to it when I worked at Campus Rec at SFA but I was able to use a tablet there. Using a mouse is so much different than a pen!

I made a simple 4x6 invitation for Nathan's birthday. He'll be 2 on February 12 so my sister is having a Mickey themed party. You should see him wanting to watch Mickey! Here's a link to a video of him doing his numbers and letters- My nephew is so smart!

So onto the Mickey Invitation. I used a picture of the Mickey Park entrance and used the pen tool to draw it on the computer. Then I used to Live Paint tool to "paint" it.

I'm still working on some designs for my Etsy shop so I've also been getting some practice with that. and speaking of my Etsy shop- I made my first sell! I am very excited about it! Hopefully I'll have a few more designs up soon so I can sell some more!


  1. The invite is AWESOME! Congrats on the Etsy sell! Here's to your first million dollars (raising a juice box)! :)

  2. I wish I had one inch of the creative talent you've got!!

  3. Man I can NOT get used to the pen tool! Pencils a million kajillion times easier; sucks that the pen tool yields better results. Good job!


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