Friday, February 25, 2011

52 Fridays- Honeybee Creations Card Ordering!

I've had cards on the brain so much that I've been dreaming about them! Yes- giant cards have been in my dreams. Giant cards that I have to make! 

I have really enjoyed making all these cards for people. I absolutely love when people want me to make them for their friends and family. I have quite a few in line already for me to work on and I'm always looking for more! If you would like for me to make a few cards, please feel free to comment or check me out on Facebook @ Honeybee Creations (You should LIKE Honeybee Creations on Facebook....Oh and keep a lookout on Monday for Honeybee Creations' new blog!!)

I've set a few guidelines when you order cards from Honeybee Creations. Please order cards at least 2 weeks before your event so they can be mailed to you and then to your recipient.

 Please send the following descriptions when you're ordering:
  1. Custom, Deluxe or Note Card (see prices below)
  2. Event (his/her birthday, wedding/baby shower, anniversary, etc)
  3. Colors or pattern (optional- if left blank, a pattern or coordinating colors will be chosen for you)
  4. Wording (optional)
  5. Will it be mailed to the recipient or given by hand?*
  6. Date of event
  7. Email address for Pay Pal invoice
*This will determine the thickness of the embellishments on the card and if a hand made envelope will be included. The closest size standard mailable envelope will be included if your card needs to be mailed.

  • Simple Cards (Squares or Rectangles with at least 1 embellishment) are $6 
    • Rush orders (under 2 weeks) will be $10 a card
    • As small at 4x4 and up to 6x6 for square cards
    • As small as 3.5x5 and up to 5x7 for rectangular cards
  • Deluxe Cards (Specific design other than square or rectangle) are $8
    • Please provide description of shape you'd like
    • Rush orders (under 2 weeks) will be $12 a card
  • Note Cards (Squares with 1 stamp) are $6 for 4
    • All 4 cards will be the same or slight variations of each other
    • Not mailable
    • Sleeve provided, not mailable
    • Embellishments such as 3D stickers will be extra
    • As small as 2x2 (more than 4 will be provided with this size) and up to 4x4
    • Rush orders (under 2 weeks) will be $10 a set

Simple Card: Birthday

Note Card: Birthday Note card (2x2 shown with extra embellishment)

Simple Card: Birthday
Note Card: Thank You card (4x4 shown with 1 stamp and sleeve)
Deluxe Card: Corset shaped Valentine's Day Card
Please comment or send me an email with any questions or comments! Thank you for stopping by!!

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