Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

It's amazing how things changed! This time last year, Tim was living in College Station while I was finishing up school in Nacogdoches. He was able to come home for the weekend and we actually had snow-almost 6 inches of it- in Nacogdoches. Valentine's Day weekend was a colddd one and we were lucky enough to drive up to Krum to see Nathan for his birthday. 
And here we are a year later, Auggie is 3 months old, we had snow on Friday and Tim & I are finally established in College Station. 

We had about 1.5 inches of snow on Friday. It wasn't much but I was glad we got it. Tim stayed home from work for a little bit so we could get a picture. Yep, that's right one picture. Last year, I woke up at 5 a.m. and spent a couple hours walking around and taking pictures of the snow... This year, I slept late and we ran out and took one family picture. Just one. We didn't want to keep Auggie out too long, even all bundled up. I did take a little time to take a couple pictures outside around the house. There was a yellow-bellied sapsucker pecking away at a pecan tree near our house that I tried to get pictures of. Too bad some of the neighborhood kids scared him away. :( There's a nature photo contest in April that Tim & I are going to enter. My cardinal picture is nothing spectacular but I just love cardinals in the winter.

Cardinal at winter time
Our weekend was pretty uneventful again. Tim took Aussie and Charlie for a walk after his run. I'm sure they enjoyed their walk. I've been slacking in the walking department... I think its the cold weather. Jane, Sherwin, Jacob, Jessica & Ben stopped by Saturday evening. They stayed for about an hour while Ben and Jacob played in the backyard. 

Our big boy has graduated to 3 month + nipples!
I hate having to keep Auggie away from all his cousins. It's a good thing we have been, though. Cole & Drake ended up being sick last week- Cole wanted to meet Auggie while we were in La Porte so I stayed in the house while he stood at the door step. 

Saturday night, Tim & I started to watch The Boondock Saint 2... yeaaa, I couldn't get past 15 minutes and Tim lasted about 30. We ended up watching Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. It was good! I was surprised. Tim had already seen it so he wasn't too into it.

and then Sunday, Auggie & I took it easy while Tim went to rugby practice down the road. Hopefully in March, Auggie & I will be able to go with him since its right down the road. We just need to buy a stroller! We've put that off since we don't go anywhere. Who knows, by the time we can go out, Auggie might be able to use the umbrella stroller my grandparents gave us. For the Super Bowl game, we went to our friends' (BIlly & Julie) house. It was nice getting out of the house.

That's about it in the super exciting life of the Siegmunds! Thursday, I'll have Auggie's 3 month pictures and a lot more every day pictures of him. I haven't uploaded my phone pictures yet.

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  1. If you want a fancy stroller PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to use the one we have at Mom and Dad's. It's just sitting up there in my old room waiting for someone to use it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to use it at no cost. It folds out so he can sleep in it and everything!


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