Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Auggie Meet La Porte... La Porte Meet Auggie!!

August made his first trip to Gramma & Grandpa's house! It was our first trip away from College Station with just the two of us. Tim had to work Saturday morning so he wasn't able to go to La Porte with us.  Auggie was great in the car- he slept the whole 2 hours to and from. He was great the whole time we were in La Porte. My mom babysat him Friday night and Saturday afternoon while I went out to eat and then to a high school friend's baby shower. After the shower, Auggie got to meet a few of my friends- Cynthia, Katrine, and Katrine's mom- and then he was able to see Shannon and Sydelle again. Sunday morning he met a high school soccer friend, Sarah, and then our neighbor, Jeanice, came over. It was so nice being able to show him off! I am so ready for the warm weather!
The diaper cake I made for Katrine
Shannon, Cynthia, Katrine, Sydelle & Me
Katrine only has 4 more weeks until little Liam arrives!

Auggie was great for Gramma while I was at the baby shower
Being a wide-eyed little man
Gramma scared Auggie with the flash on her iPhone.
He was a happy little guy once she turned off the flash!
Monday afternoon, our coordinator from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) came by with a speech therapist to assess Auggie. From their long chart of growth, he seems to be right on track... the only thing lacking is keeping his hands open for more than 50% of the time and of course, hearing things. He was well behaved for them even when he was on his tummy. He proved us wrong after we told them he hated tummy time! He just laid there and even fell asleep. We were assured all the noises Auggie makes are actually him cooing at us. He's been really vocal in the past couple of weeks.
This is from a couple weeks ago but I just love how Auggie's sticking out his tongue
This morning we have our appointment with the geneticist to get Auggie's test results. They already told us he has the Treacher-Collins mutation so we're not too sure what this appointment will be about. We'll let you know all about that on Thursday!

Hope everyone stays safe in all this crazy weather!

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  1. WHAT a cutie! Love the little tongue hangin' out. Glad you guys made it safely to and from Austin today in this crazy cold weather. Love you guys!


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